These Accessories Add Wireless Charging To iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Right Now, Here’s How

To make it a reality in the arena of iPhone rumors channel which just won’t go away, the current hype trending on the street is that Apple is imminently working on a true wireless charging technology for 2017 iPhone flagship that will work from a distance, and we mean it will put the current embodiment to shame.


For those devices running Android, Qi-powered wireless charging is nothing new and it’s surprisingly useful if you have anything that can take full advantage of it. Though the idea behind wireless charging finally coming to the iPhone would be a highly-anticipated integration. Buying a new iPhone, assuming the rumors are accurate and a new iPhone with wireless charging capabilities is on the horizon is something like a mean thing. Even if is there, the horizon might still be a way off now. Undoubtedly, there’s a better solution to try and get some of that wireless fancy right away.

There are different ways of wireless charging available for iPhones that are far from officially sanctioned solutions by Apple, do indeed work with Apple’s devices. Yes, seeing as you bring it up, here.

Upow Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Oft-mentioned earlier, the best standard for wireless charging depends on branding and quality and of course the ability as though, for iPhone. Qi, is one of the top-end device that exactly what the likes of Samsung use in their wireless charging-equipped hardware. At resonable prices, there are plenty, and numerous Qi-compatible charging pads available to purchase.  Where things get more impressive is the part that plugs into your iPhone.

It interestingly will take care of by what amounts to a Lightning ribbon cable attached to a Qi-capable receiver. The idea is to plug the Lightning cable into an iPhone’s charging port and then wrap that ribbon around the bottom of the iPhone and place the receiver on its back. Qi charging magic is pretty strong enough to go through the perfect iPhone case.

BEZALEL I6 Qi Wireless Charger Charging Receiver for iPhone
Because it hides the whole thing apart from a small ribbon cable at the bottom, reason whay the ting above mentioned is much more elegant. The rate of charging is singinificantly slower than using a standard Lightning cable, which could be due to that of the technical limitation of current Qi-wireless charging standard than anything else.

Admit to really have wireless charging on your iPhone today, you could get compatible accessories from Amazon. Here are some of recommended ones for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that you can get for affordable budget. Of course, if they are compatible with 6s and 6s plus, are also going to work in a better way with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6. Trust me, cheaper enough.

Buy: BEZALEL I6 Qi Wireless Charging Receiver from Amazon: $16
Buy: Upow Qi Wireless Charging Pad from Amazon: $14

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