WhatsApp Status Feature Now Available On Web

WhatsApp highlighted features like Status is the widely used with the mobile messaging app in the world. Now, the WhatsApp Web also receiving the similar feature and started rolling out to its Web interface. Here are the details.

WhatsApp Status feature rolled out to users worldwide in February this year. On Web, unlike the mobile app, the WhatsApp Status is available with a circular icon next to New Messages icon on top. On tapping the Status icon, the color of the background changes to a Black theme. That not all, WhatsApp friends that have a status will appear in a list format.

WhatsApp Web Status Update

To view a friend’s Status, WhatsApp users will have to tap on a contact to read the status. WhatsApp’s Status feature is one of the new way to engage people on the Messenger platform and the company replaced the old text form of status.

With the new Status feature, WhatsApp users on Web can change their current status to a short video or photos. The WhatsApp Web Status will be shared with contacts on the application. It has already been confirmed that similar to chats, the status updates are end-to-end encrypted. The Status messages automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Somewhat similar to the Last Seen option, WhatsApp users can tweak who can see a new Status update. The three options are My Contacts, My contacts expect, and Only share with. By default, WhatsApp Status updates created by any user are visible to all contact. You can even go through the step-by-step guide on how to create, edit and delete WhatsApp Status updates.

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