iOS 12 Beta 9 Complete Release Notes From Apple, Here Are The Details

Apple is definitely putting effort with the release of iOS 12 betas in order to provide a better understanding of the year. Today the iPhone and iPad maker released its ninth iOS 12 beta into the development community, which is expected the public release in late-September.

The new update is available to download for testing who are registered on Apple developers program right now. With a public beta release likely set to arrive in the coming hours, assuming we don’t have a repeat of the iOS 12 beta 7 farce which saw the update pulled shortly after release.

It should definitely be safe for developers to update without delay, and when they do they can get right down to the important business of testing their apps and games all work as they should, which is no mean feat in update season.

Apple has already shared the release notes for iOS 12 beta 9 in full and complete changelog details which you can check them out below.

From reading all the way through the release notes we found the usual array of fixes and, importantly, new issues to be noted. One thing does jump out to us in line which would suggest that localization for iOS 12 is now complete. With a note saying that an issue relating to incorrect languages being displayed is now fixed.

Beyond that, another issue that might be a note to anyone who installs iOS 12 beta 9 on their live device is that Apple pay may become unavailable. If this happens Apple’s suggested workaround is to simply try again, and if that doesn’t work around to restart the device completely.

A reminder for all is that these iOS 12 beta releases seem like an excellent time to note, while surprisingly stable thus far, are exactly that: betas. Expect issues here and there and we’re still hurting towards a final release, almost anything can happen with a beta release installed.

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