Here’s The New Cydia Replacement App ‘Sileo’ In More Detailed Screenshots

A set of additional screenshots depicting the innovative Selio Cydia replacement has been shared via Twitter. Just after revealing the facts about the iOS 12 jailbreak security exploit discovered with read and write privileges, this news comes to the scene.

The dedicated @GetSelio Twitter account, which was almost silent for weeks, has today popped up once again with a selection of attachments showing off what is presumably the finalized Sileo UI.

Fortunately, the latest content which is soon-to-be-released as Cydia replacer to be shared by the Selio account reveals a number of important factors of the Selio experience.

The first image shows us the look of a dedicated package page, name, and developer of the package as well as some screenshots of the installation process as well as a small snippet of information about the product.


The Selio account also shared a screenshot of the Search functionality and UI in action, also showing a screen of all the installed repositories and added sources side-by-side. Finally, the third and final screenshot shows an individual package being queued up for installation.

One thing we all must note is that Selio isn’t a far away removed from the Cydia package that it is looking to replace on all devices jailbroken using the Electra jailbreak. But it’s evident that the developers behind it have tried to stay very close to the original Cydia package and interface in terms of design whilst giving the experience a lick of paint and making the users interface and also the experience fresh and modern.

Selio, for instance, hasn’t designed and put in place because Cydia is not fit for purpose, but more down to the fact that it’s no longer supported as quick as it once was. This is the only reason the developers reinvent Selio to put in place with usability and has a familiar UI and UX.

There would be no clue till now whether it’s extremely good and positive to see progress being made but jailbroken device owners will definitely want to know “when” Sileo is going to arrive. The release timescales are more important than seeing flat screenshots of an app that is yet to actually see the light of day. However, the tweet accompanied with text specifies that the new package is “coming soon” so let’s hope the development team puts effort and some additional context on that release sooner rather than later.

(Source: @GetSileo) [Twitter])

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