OS X 10.12 Update Will Bring Siri To Mac With “Hey Siri” Always-On Command [Report]

Owners may still be accompained of getting semi-regular OS X 10.11 updates through the Mac App Store, and the company is working on producing the next major version of the platform behind the scenes, will take the opportunity with OS X 10.12 to introduce a radically under-thehood upgrade that would massively improve the user experience in OS X. Apple is also expected to bring Siri to the Mac machines and make it a huge focal point of the improvements arriving in 2016.

Siri, Apple’s digital assistant has been a feature that the giant is keen to introduce across as many platforms as possible over the last twelve months. Both the Apple smartwatch – released in April 2015 – and the Apple TV 4 – arrived in October 2015 – now use Siri as a differentiating feature intended to attract interest from consumers. It seems that Apple feels the future of OS X relying heavily on Siri integration going forward as pointed out by 9to5Mac.

The combination of Siri and OS X isn’t entirely new. The Cupertino-based company is regularly testing out internal builds of OS X running the digital assistant from 2012. The team of engineers feel that the integration isn’t quite ready yet to make it into a public facing version of the operating system. Source are however suggesting that Apple has ironed out the internal conflicts on how to visualize Siri working on a Mac, and that’s not ready for being launched with a polished user-interface in OS X 10.12, should hopefully delight those interacting with it.

Although Siri could seamlessly find itseld having a pivotal role in the future successes of OS X. The feature by mean will come with its own configurable set of options within the System Preferences area of OS X, and have a custom UIS that is specifically designed to show when Siri is available via the Menu Bar, but also when it’s being interacted with through the use of system overlays on the top-right part of the display.

Sources currently suggests that Mac owners will be able to benefit from the “Hey Siri” always-on command that works with new iPhone, iPad models. Apple is also expected to introduce an initial preview of OS X 10.12 “Fuji” during Worldwide Developer Conference 2016 (WWDC) this coming June.

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