How To Hide And Password Protect Photos / Videos On iOS Device [No jailbreak Required]

Yes, there are many third-party apps to protect a selection of photos or videos on your iPhone or iPad that you want to keep but also wanted to make them invisible so no-one else could feast their eyes upon. Apple has had a built-in ‘Hide’ feature in Photos app since iOS 9, it doesn’t actually provide a foolproof method.

But now, by using an attentive third-party app which doubles-up as a secretive media vault, it is certainly possible to achieve exactly that. Let’s see how you can hide photos and videos behind a passcode-protected app without the requirement of a jailbreak.

The best part to speak about this functionality or feature, is the fact that it’s driven by a third-party app called HiCalculator available on the iOS App Store. And the best of all its a free download.

Protected by a built-in passcode, which will be set when you initially launch the app, you will be able to create a new Album of your choice, and name it to whatever you like. This Album will be where you will store away all those private photos and videos that you wish to hide from the eyes of others on your iPhone or iPad.

It’s a routine with any third-party app looking to access your Photos and Camera apps, simply flick the switch to grant the permissions to HiCalculator to get on with hiding your photos and videos, and even better, snap new photos directly through the app and have them stored/saved to your iOS device.

Once added all your photos to your secret new album, you can head into the stock Photos app and delete them entirely. You can even delete them from ‘Recently Deleted’ album. They will no longer be visible for anyone accessing the Photos app but will still be present in the secret vault that you just created in the app, protected behind a passcode and disguised into a Calculator app!

To view the hidden photos, simply load up the HiCalculator app and you will notice that it actually looks and functions just like a calculator. And of course, you can also use it to perform all your math challenges. However, if you enter your set passcode and press the “%” button you will immediately be given access to the app with all hidden photos and videos!

(Download: HiCalculator-Private album, lock secret photos safe for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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