Apple’s New iPhone 8 Case Render Leak Confirms Bezel-Less Design, No Home Button And More

Coming straight to the point, as a newly leaked high-quality iPhone 8 case render has been surfaced online collaborating with the previous reports that have already given us a valuable insight into Apple’s aesthetic plans for the next iPhone.

With approximately seven weeks to go until iPhone 8 launch, we have a fairly good understanding of what to expect from a visual experience. Now, with courtesy of Evan Blass on Twitter appears to show a render of Apple’s iPhone 8 sitting in what looks to be a third-party UAG case, essentially confirming what we thought we knew is becoming true.

From a visual perspective, the image instantly shows us that we potentially have a lot to look forward to in respect to gorgeous third-party cases which will be made available for iPhone 8. However, it also gives us additional information into the upcoming iPhone 8’s design and very much confirms everything that we already knew. The said iPhone render shown in a new concept below in the third-party case defines the “notch” at the top of the hardware where the sensors, camera, and speaker sits. It also instantly highlights the fact Apple will introduce a stunning display with barely visible bezels, confirming previous reports about the phone’s bezel-less design. Here are the details.

What’s missing in the render is that all-important Home button, which further reaffirms the fact that Apple will likely drop the Home / Touch ID button on iPhone 8 in favor of Pearl ID (facial recognition). There is no huge surprise as we have expected Apple to remove that Home button as well as the underlying Touch ID feature in favor of face detection. It’s currently unknown if this case has been manufactured and imagined from official Apple specifications and dimensions or whether or not only a speculative built based on leaked documents and schematics.

In reference to the case, it’s extremely important to take these leaks and reveals with a fairly large pinch of salt giving that Apple apparently hasn’t officially revealed full specs to those manufacturers in order to allow them to confidently build accessories. Anything can happen. In order to get to market first and capitalize on that initial excitement, companies are likely using leaked measurements to design and develop their best cases, which is a risk business and no good deal, but has usually proven to be correct.

Possibilities are there as the leaks pertaining to iPhone 8 and additional accessories will continue to drop into the publc domain over the near future, which will lead nicely into an official Apple reveal. Stay tuned for more!

(Source: @evleaks [Twitter])

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