The iPhone 8 Might Have A New ‘SmartCamera iOS 11’ Feature To Auto-Adjust, Detecting Pets, Babies, and Scenes

The HomePod firmware Apple released recently continues to offer up insight into future software and hardware capabilities for the HomePod, iPhone 8, and other devices, with the latest after digging the code, we find something called to be a newest discovery coming today developer from Guilherme Rambo.

A developer who discovered references to new, intelligent camera functionality that might be added to of iOS 11 or iPhone 8. SmartCamera feature, which the developer unearthed appears to be something that will be built into future iPhones and/or iOS 11, perhaps taking advantage of the new facial recognition software that we expect to see in the new ans as iPhone 8 Face ID.

Apple’s newly released firmware that will power HomePod ahead of its release in December, developers are eager to set about ripping it apart to see what they could find. Instead, they found several references like facial recognition codenamed Pearl ID, Take to Wake, and recently the Face ID works with Apple Pay payments without the need of a fingerprint, and also the SmartCamera feature that will be coming with a version of iOS 11.

The firmware suggest the camera app will be able to detect different types of scenes, photo conditions, and photography subjects like pets and children. Several scenes are referenced, including Fireworks, Foliage, Pet, BrightStage, Sport, Sky, Snow, and Sunset/Sunrise, indicating the new iPhone’s camera may be able to detect a scene and then set the ideal exposure, shutter speed, and other form factors to take the best photograph.

Apart from the full build of iOS, the software also includes what appear to be references to the next iPhone (titbits like take to wake, revamped status bar, no Touch ID). It has now become clear that there are things inside the firmware that were not previously part of iOS 10 or even current iOS 11 pre-release builds. With the string of new discoveries, the latest rleating to possible intelligent camera functionality as part of iOS 11 or iPhone 8.

The chief discovery from today, founded by the developer, surrounds a new “SmartCam” or “SmartCamera” feature. It’s unclear what the feature is right now, but from the screenshots shared by Rambo and given what we already know about existing iOS functionality and features that are part of competing devices, it would appear that Apple is crafting up to give iOS the ability to recognize objects when photos are taken.

Many cameras, from point and shoot models to DSLRs, have a range of scene presets that can be selected, and it looks like Apple’s planning to implement something similar. This could allow iOS to detect a scene and then make adjustments to the camera’s settings in order to take the perfect real photo.

There are also specific references to a “freezeMotion” feature that mentions face scenes, pets, and babies, perhaps pointing towards new scene detection functionality that can recognize a fast moving target and automatically capture a photo at an ideal moment. Another includes a confidence rating for reconizing things like documents and even QR codes, for the one or two times in your life where you will actually want to scan one of those codes!

This third screenshot below covers several “Confidence” metrics and hints at the camera’s ability to recognize not just pets and babies, but docs and QR codes. Both document scanning and QR code scanning with the camera are built into iOS 11, so at least some of these additions will be available for all iPhone models. But it’s not entirely clear, however, what will require the facial recognition hardware rumored for the iPhone 8 and what will be available for other devices.

Note: Existing iPhones running the current version of iOS already include object recognition functionality, but it’s limited to the Photos app right now. The Photos app uses AI to detect objects and people in photos for smart search and organization, and it’s unknown some of that technology could be making its way directly into the Camera app going forward.

Ever since the iPhone 8 is expected to use new facial recognition in some way, likely for security, and with an announcement for that device estimated to arrive in September 2017. All eyes will be on what camera improvements the next flagship iPhone brings to the table. Hopefully, plenty of the new software inclusions will also be available to existing iPhones.

While the HomePod firmware contains several hints about future iOS 11 functionality and the iPhone 8 because the HomePod runs a full version of iOS. Apple has accidentally leaked the general design of the new iPhone, confirmed that it has an infrared facial tracking mechanism and others as well. It also seemingly confirms both a virtual Home button and functiona area along with the absence of an under-display Touch ID solution. Stay tuned for more here at

(Source: Guilherme Rambo [Twitter])

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