Honor VR Camera Is Indeed A Custom-Made Insta360 Air [Details]

Speaking about a new equipment that tries to actually create VR-related content rather than just consuming them. Some of many come from Insta360, a company that specializes in smartphone-compatible 360-degree cameras, has now revealed that Huawei has partnered it to help create the Honor VR Camera for Android smartphones. Here are the details.


Professional VR camera still cost huge and probably more than always cheaper and portable solutions around. Unlike the Samsung Gear 360, the LG 360 Cam, or the Ricoh Theta, Insta360’s cameras are specifically designed to primarily attach to a device, such as a phone or even a computer, to function.

Some other, like the Insta360 Nano, can eventually function independently but is specific to the iPhone. The spherical Insta360 Air, on the other hand, is compatible with Android-based hardware but needs to always be attached to the phone’s port.

Now that the Honor VR Camera takes complete advantage of the Insta360 in this sense. In fact, one could probably consider it a rebranded Insta360 Air, though. There are definitely some subtle design differences, but both share the same spherical shape, which indeed makes it look more appealing and also less “pocketable”. It also clips to the USB port of the smartphone, meaning hat you’ll have to hold the gadget upside-down r side ways to use it.


While Insta360 nor Huawei are revealing anything relatively exact spec of the Honor VR Camera, however, it probably won’t be much of a jump to presume it would be similar to the Insta360 Air. The latter captures 360-degree images at a resolution of 3008-by-1504, or else 3K, and videos at 2560×1280 2K 30fps, with some experimental support for full 3008×1504 3K resolutions on some Android devices.

What’s absent for now is? Availability details. But given MWC 2017 is just a few days away, there are chances the Honor VR Camera will show its face up on the Barcelona keynote floor.

(Source: Insta360)

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