Hooq Streaming TV Service Coming Soon To India, Aims To Be The Netflix Alt For Asia

In June, we’ll be witnessing yet another Nextflix alternative service, Hooq to be launched for Asia, reportedly set to launch in India for Rs 199 per Month. It’s a joint venture between collaboration with Sony Pictures, Hooq with Warner Bros Studio and Singtel announced its plans to debut its video streaming service in India. What’s new in this new arriving service, can be grabbed right after this grid.

Hooq, touted as the answer to streaming service Netflix, aims to launch a beta version of its premium video-on-demand service in India from tomorrow. In fact to target yoiung internet users in a market that is leapfrogging to content usage through smartphones and apps. Hooq will offer over 10,000 Hollywood blockbusters, television (TV) soaps and popular local programs for a monthly subscription of Rs 199 applicable for 5 devices including mobile phones and tablets, via an app and mobile web, desktop computers and Android set-top boxes.

This Hooq service will be available to subscribers to either stream or download those listed movies or TV shows and said that it also has over 5,000 HD movies, TV series and shows from Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Disney, Dreamworks and Miramax. For local content, Hooq has tied up with YRF, UTV Disney, Rajshri, Reliance,Shemaroo, Sri Balaji AP International, Whacked Out Media and over 50 other studios. Added more than 10,000 videos including Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood along with TV shows.

Finally, Hooq TV will be available under beta for few weeks before it reaches commercial next month. One big USP of Hooq would be offline play. At any given time users can be able to download them up to five devices for offline viewing. Unlimited videos can be downloaded in a month, till the time there are only five files stored locally on the device.

India becomes the third major market for Hooq, since its been available in Thailand and Phillipines, and the company is also looking to expand it streaming service exclusively on emerging markets and soon be made available (go live) on other Asian regions.

Key point to be noted in India, pretty much concerned of dandwidth consumption, particularly when using Fair Usage Policy data caps carriers and ISPs, put on users considering in “Unlimited” plans. Hooq has its plans to fix it, and made talks with major ISPs and carrier in the country.

What do you think about Hooq Streaming service entering India?

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