Hot Cake: Get Amazon Fire Phone For $159 Included With One Full Year Of Amazon Prime

Deal here is from and is an internet mammoth when it comes to online shopping. Take Amazon Fire Phone as a prime example, the company has succeeded with offerings for those consumers day-today basis and the Amazon’s phone is no stranger to having a saving applied to it in an effort to get customers to take it off the shelves and now, in a similar marketing fashion, Amazon is offering the device at its cheapest price yet.

Amazon, this year was trying to push interest in the Fire Phone by slashing its price to $199 and throwing in a year of free access to Prime as part of the deal. Considering the Fire Phone started life out of a whopping $650 for an unlocked handset. Today’s offer to grab the same device for just $159 seems like an absolute steal. You will also be getting the same one year free access to Prime that Amazon told about back in February.

While the actual Amazon’s Prime service is concerned, it usually comes with an annual subscription charge of $99, you’re actually picking up a fairly capable and slightly underrated smartphone for a bargain (low-cost) sum of $60. Amazon is clearly in a giving mood, as it reaches and celebrates it anniversary, as the free year of Prime is also extendable to existing Prime subscribers.

For those who are already in the Prime and regualrly make use of and everything that it offers, this opportunity to grab the Fire Phone for $159 USD seems like a big deal that really shouldn’t be missed anyway.


What eaxctly you wil be getting for your money? The Amazon Fire Phone is not going to compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone 6 or Samsung’s Galaxy S6, but it does come with a decent set of specifications and some special features. To learn more about features and specs, check out this post here.

To get your hands-on Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked at $159. Get yourself over at and grab one right now.

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