Houdini iOS 11 / 11.1.2 Semi-Jailbreak Tool In The Works, Coming Out Soon

In the world of iOS jailbreaking, many are anticipated to see the release of a unique jailbreak solution for iOS 11, currently. As we have some reports regarding Ian Beer’s exploit and Cydia for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak is being worked on, and something more about liberation in a different method from Houdini.

The developers behind this semi-jailbreak tool have released an iOS 10.3.2 compatibility earlier this month, have now confirmed that they are working to offer iOS 11 compatibility with a future release.

It has been confirmed that LaughingQuoll is working on offering iOS 11 support for Houdini as part of a collaborative effort with original Houdini developer Abraham Masri.

The official Houdini jailbreak offering was actually announced during the first week of December and was literal in the fact that it was an IPA file sideloaded onto a non-jailbroken device (semi-jailbreak) experience offered with the ability to install certain tweaks, apps, and themes.

It has been a great option for a lot of people who require the installation of very simple tweaks or experiences but Houdini was always going to represent a problem for those who wanted additional power and who needed packages to work through the use of Cydia Substrate.

Point to note is that, Houdini isn’t a full jailbreak and doesn’t profess to be one or a replacement for that, those packages were never going to actually work.

The latest on the project means that the developers are likely trying to use the recent async wake exploit for iOS 11.1.2 by Ian Beer to make the app compatible with 11.1.2 and below. With today’s news, there’s no indication or confirmation of any specific timescale, or indeed any guarantees that the team will manage to get something working.

I’m working on Houdini for iOS 11 with @cheesecakeufo if we get something that is userfriendly then we may consider releasing.

Like the most things jailbreak related at the moment, Houdini is another one “wait and see” situations as to whether or not the team will actually be able to get iOS 11 compatibilities. Given the success with the initial version of Houdini and the fact that the same development team is responsible for Saigon jailbreak, we can’t really see any reason why a release wouldn’t be on the cards in the coming future. But again, we will endeavor to keep you updated on the situation as it progresses. Stay tuned for more!

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