Houdini iOS 11.3.1 Semi-Jailbreak Release Is Nearly Coming

No surprise but it seems that all of the jailbreak activity seems to be imminent. We are not only expecting an updated Electra jailbreak Toolkit for iOS 11.3.1 but thanks to a tweet from Abraham Masri, we can now possibly expect the updated Houdini to drop as early as next week.

Masri’s Twitter account earlier confirmed that he was instead working on an updated version of Houdini to support devices running iOS 11.3.1 or perhaps, even iOS 11.4.

His tweet was also accompanied by a video showing the updated Houdini in action on an iPad with a number of features being shown off. Now again, Masri has taken to the social network, but this time to discuss his personal ambitions to have at least one CVE attributed to his name by Apple, as well as hoping everyone has a “happy Pride month” and that he is going to try and get Houdini ready for a release next week.

Houdini isn’t exactly going to be a replacement to the updated version of Electra. Alternatively, it is currently being worked on by CoolStar – but it is a very useful little utility for individuals who may not want to wait for full jailbreak from the likes of Electra or those who would prefer a more sustainable “semi-jailbreak” that still gets them certain freedom and functionality, but without actually fully liberating the device and giving full read and write access to external forces.

Previous versions of Houdini originally proved extremely useful and extremely popular with jailbreak fans so it’s likely that a version which supports compatible iOS 11.3.1 devices will be equally as popular. If not more so.

In addition to announcing the likely availability of Houdini next week, Masri has also used Twitter channel to discuss his goals for 2018. The fact that he discussed what he wanted to have one CVE attributed to his name before the year was out. Thus far, has managed to have a whopping 8 CVEs in less than a year, so it’s safe to bet that he has smashed his personal goals. Congratulations to Masri, and thankful to the jailbreak community who once again have a number of existing releases and platforms to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

(Source: @cheesecakeufo [Twitter])

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