How To Decline A Call When The iPhone Is Locked

Here’s how you can decline a call when your iPhone is locked and when it is unlocked through EarPods and Apple Watch as well. Of course, there are times when you see the Decline button, though, at times that button is missing.

In fact, you have probably noticed that when you get an incoming call on iPhone, there are times you see the Decline button, it is quite easy to decline the call. But again, the lack of the Decline button tends to cause a confusion and for some users very annoying. Don’t know, what to do if they decide to decline the call, there’s no Decline button present. That’s where this tutorial is presented.

First and foremost, we have to understand is there are conditions when the Decline button is available, and when it is not available. The Decline button is only displayed when the iPhone is unlocked. If the iPhone is locked, you will see ‘Slide to Answer’ button, in order to accept the call, Remind Me button to set a reminder to call the person back and Message button to send a message to the caller instead of accepting the call.

In the case when the iPhone is unlocked, you can see both the Decline (Red) and Accept (Green) buttons along with the Remind Me and Message buttons. From where you can decide whether to accept or decline the call. For that, you can tap on the Decline button as you can see above to decline the call.

Now, when the iPhone is locked, and receiving an incoming call from one of those you don’t want to accept, what to do? Pressing the ‘Side’ button on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus or Sleep/Wake/Power button in iPhone 7 or earlier models on the right side, will silence the call.

To decline the call, you only need to press the Side button again. Alternatively, you can decline the call by pressing the Side or Sleep/Wake/Power button twice.

In order to decline a call on the iPhone using EarPods, you have to press and hold the center button (also called clicker) for 2 seconds. On AirPods, there is no option to decline a call on the iPhone. Sorry for that!

Apple Watch owners can also decline a call on iPhone by tapping on the red decline button on the Apple Watch Phone app.

answer or decline apple watch call

The reason why Apple has not provided a Decline button for incoming calls on the iPhone Lock Screen is in question. The lack of that button on the Lock Screen annoys a lot of users. But nevertheless, there’s a good reason for why Apple didn’t introduce the same interface for incoming calls when the iPhone is locked and when the iPhone is unlocked.

The theory is that when the iPhone is locked, it is most probably in your pocket, so the Accept or Decline buttons would have resulted in accidentally answering or declining calls. The Slide to Answer button ensures that you don’t accidentally answer or decline a call. Also assuming that if you are actively using the device, so that they have provided the Accept and Decline buttons as the chances of you accidentally tapping on them are much lower.

This is the trick which can be used to decline the calls on the iPhone Lock screen very easily by pressing the Side button twice on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus or Sleep/Wake/Power button in iPhone 7 or older models.

Do you find the lack of a Decline button for incoming calls on the iPhone Lock screen annoying? Share your thoughts via usual channels.

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