How To Install Tweaks On iOS 11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak Without Cydia The Easy Way

Here’s how can Electra install jailbreak tweaks? As you all know by now that Electra developer toolkit comes with full Anemone theming support and limited Cydia tweaks support. But the advantage of the Electra jailbreak over the LiberiOS jailbreak is it comes with Substrate, a Cydia Substrate alternative. So that’s the reason why it allows you to install tweaks and themes, the easy way.

If you have jailbroken your iOS 11.x.x iPhone or iPad using Electra, or another compatible jailbreak, then you may slightly bother on finding it doesn’t come with the installation of Cydia. Under normal circumstances that would eventually cause a lot of device owners to be hinder and to not be able to get any tweaks on their devices.

If you are a Windows user, help is on hand with the release of a Deb file installer and uninstaller called Tweak Installer to assist with that whole process.

As you know, Electra allows you to install and run themes. Users can also install Cydia tweaks manually. First of all, you have to sign binaries and install tweaks through SSH. However, if you have recently come into the jailbreak community expecting to receive a jailbreak which is flawless and installs all required components without issue, then you are likely a little disappointed, though. Those jailbreak days have gone, where you get device liberation, Cydia and Substrate installed, appear to belong behind the scene.

Nevertheless, if you have used something like Electra, or LiberiOS for liberation, they won’t install Cydia as part of that process as both Cydia and Substrate are yet to receive any compatibility updates for iOS 11. As aforementioned, those device owners can manually obtain the necessary files directly from the developer or other places and go through the process of installing tweaks to the device themselves.

Where does that leave users from a tweak installation perspective? Those using Windows could download this new installer/Uninstaller which lets them run a desktop app to make a connection over SSH to the iOS device. It then unpacks and installs the Deb files directly to the jailbroken device and gets them installed over-the-air with minimal fuss.

In fact, the developer has added the ability to go the other way, which allows the user to remove the installed tweak(s) as well with just a single click.

For now, this tool is only available on Windows, with macOS and Linux version to follow soon. Additionally, the developer is also interested in making an on-device Deb installer to develop the whole thing a little more flawless which removes the need for the SSH connection to the device from a computer.

Those of you interested in giving it a try on Windows can grab the latest beta of the software from here.

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