The iPhone 8 Swaps The Home Button For Gesture Controls

According to the new report, the folks over at Bloomberg got their hands on some images of the next iPhone as well as some information regarding the new model by Apple. Some of the features also confirmed in their report were already known or at least heavily suspected, but this time some new details about how the phone will function without the Home button is discussed.

First point to be noted is that Apple’s iPhone 8 will be announced on September 12 if rumors are anything to play a big role. While the second point is that the hardware will undoubtedly receive a big refresh. As a result Apple will make some considerable changes to how iOS functions. The new form factor of the iPhone 8 dictates it.

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Reportedly, the images viewed by Bloomberg show that the iPhone 8 will have a thin bezels and a larger screen that the iPhone 7. It’s also going to have a facial recognition instead of a Touch ID / Home button. Along with the earpiece and front-facing camera, will be contained in a cutout at the top of the screen.

Other physical details include rounded edges for the screen, a longer power button, a glass front and back and stainless steel edges with antenna cuts o the corners. Starting with that display, it now appears clear that the clock will live to the left side of the notch with things like the Wi-Fi and cellular strength indicators to the right. This is also where the battery life indicator will be, making sense given the size requirements of that clock over to the left.

Interesting facts comes with regards to the lack of Home/Touch ID button. This is something that requires a rethink as to how iOS handle user requests to do things like move back to the Home screen or activate the multitasking app switcher. As per the reports and understanding, these actions will be achieved by varying degrees of swipes up from the bottom of the screen.

If when locked, the iPhone 8 will have a small strip called “software bar” that can act as a handle, with users swiping it upwards to unlock the device. When in use, a smaller swipe will cause the iPhone to return back to the Home screen while a shorter swipe would invoke the multitasking app switcher.

It was already known that the app dock is also getting a redesign and looks a lot like the iPad iOS 11 dock, according to Bloomberg. Now, what was once the Home button’s function is going the way of the iPad and Apple’s laptop trackpads. Gesture controls will now bring you to the main app grid and show you which apps are open already. The bottom of the screen will host a software bar that can be dragged upwards to open the phone and also to get to the multitasking interface once the phone is unlocked.

(iOS 11 apps on iPhone 8 to embrace the “notch” on top. Concept by @stroughtonsmith in collaboration with @charavel)

This is similar to how iOS 11 already works in beta form when installed on an iPad. It will be everything in life only be matter of time before the swiping gestures will become second nature. If Apple does announce all the three, iPhone 8 alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus on the given date, then we are just a couple of weeks away from having all of our questions answered for good.

The latest Bloomberg report gives us our best insight into what to expect yet, but it’s still expected to learn new things come announcement day. Thanks to @talkaboutdesign, we got a good look at how different parts of iOS 11 UI and apps would look like on the iPhone 8 based on the Bloomberg report:

(Image: @talkaboutdesign)

Here’s how the floating dock could function on the iPhone 8 can be seen in video from Guilhermo Rambo, incorporating the same swipe gestures as mentioned earlier.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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