How To Add Windows 10 Hello Fingerprint Scanner To Older PCs

Here’s how one can add a Windows 10 Hello compatible fingerprint scanner/reader to just about any old Windows 10 PC the easy way.

Windows Hello is a 3x faster reader than a password, you can always keep your PIN as a backup. Security plays an important role in computers which too many people take for granted or simply do not consider at all.

Windows Hello USB Fingerprint Reader

It’s something that the likes of Apple are aware of, and that’s why users simply do not use secure passwords. Or often do not use passwords of any description, it added Touch ID support to its high-end MacBook Pros today. As we are not out of the world of having fingerprint technology as the first aspect on our smartphones and tablets, depending on which you buy, so really it stands to reason that such technology would also be available on computers.

Now, where the likes of USB-based fingerprint readers come in.

The ‘Windows 10 Hello USB Fingerprint Reader’ is a simple USB dongle that is a Windows Hello-compatible fingerprint sensor, too. Windows Hello works with compatible apps like iHeartRADIO and DropBox, so you can bypass the password and breeze right through.

When plugged into a Windows 10 PC, it allows users to lock down their Windows computers, documents, files and data with a registered fingerprint required in order to set everything to be accessed.


– Securely login into your PC with fingerprint.
– Can also be used to protect files, applications and folders on PC with fingerprint with a compatible third-party software.
– 360° one-touch capacitive all angle recognition.
– Windows Hello support on Windows 10.
– Plug & Play: Easy to setup and use with no third-party software required when used with Windows 10 PCs.
– Supports up to 10 fingerprint registration for a single or multi-person setup.
– Works with Windows desktop PCs, laptops and even tablets.

Sign-ins are fast and password-free, with an extra measure of security. You can enable Windows Hello to switch on sign-in with your face or fingerprint. Login to your laptop, slate, apps or even websites faster and more securely. Windows Hello logs you into your Windows device in less than 2 seconds using your camera to recognize your face or trying your fingerprint reader.

Either way, Windows Hello recognizes you instantly, which is somewhat relatively inexpensive. Costing less than $50 right now from here depending on which model you choose to go with. And for a limited time, you can have a further 20% discount on it if you combine it with any other product and use the given DAD18DAY20 promo code at check out.

That’s is not a must but it’s a recommended to have a fingerprint reader on your computer if the convenience of a modern computer is what you want. It’s, by all means, this could be an excellent solution for those who want Windows Hello fingerprint authentication on their computer.

Windows Hello lets you use your digital wristband, smartwatch, phone and other companion devices to unlock your Windows PC quickly, without using a password

Buy: Windows 10 Hello Mini USB Fingerprint Reader: $49.95 | Original price: $79.95.

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