Download And Install Android O Launcher APK On Any Device, Here’s How

The Android O Developer Preview can be booted on Pixel and 2015 Nexus devices. With the new design of the Pixel Launcher impressed many fans out there and that same is now available as an APK file, so those older phones running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow can try it out now. Here are the details and instructions that you must follow before doing so.

Those non-developer, Pixel-owning Android pundits who simply cannot wait for the public release of Android 8.0 O can at least get a glimpse of shiny part of it right now on their devices. How easily it can be done? Worry not, if having full access to a brand new version of Android is 100% of the fantasy, then having the ability to interact with a new launcher experience ripped straight from that version of Android definitely accounts for a large percentage of that dream.

Install Google Pixel O Launcher In All Android Devices
The Pixel Launcher from a software preview build of Android O is now available to download, albeit unofficially, thanks to one Android developer, linuxct, over at XDA-Developers.

They love nothing more than diving into a brand new version of any software platform. It not only represents an opportunity to see and interact with any new, cutting-edge features, though. Developers of that kind also have a vested interest in running their own apps and offerings on the latest version as part of an early, pre-release opportunity to test compatibility prior to it becoming publicly available.

First look: Pixel Launcher on Android O

However, a minimal knowledge of Android device owner, be it a smartphone or tablet, doesn’t actually pay too much attention to those pre-release builds, and would rather get a small portion of that experience to get a feel of what’s coming next.

This unofficial sharing of the Pixel Launcher APK is exactly that, but do note that it is meant to work on devices running Android 6.0.1 or higher.

It’s only for those developers and not everyday device owners, security researchers, or technical wizards who looking to pull Android apart, can not only get an early look at what’s coming, but also interact within it to some degree.

Given the fact that this is a small part of the Android O experience ripped out of the developer preview, it does mean that those wanting to give it a whril will need to download the APK file and sideload it onto their devices in order to get it up and running with it.

                                                                Android O Pixel Launcher running on Galaxy S7 Edge (Android 7.0)

Only requirement is that your phone has 6.0.1 or later Android version and you’ve enabled the option to inject apps from unknown sources. After all, this is a very early version of the Pixel Launcher experience.

To get up and running with the Android O Pixel Launcher, you can download the APK file from here. Install that downloaded APK file with Android Installer and then press the Home button.


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