Download: Free GPS Location Spoofing Apps For Android Here, How To Use It

Here is a sorted list of 10 best free GPS spoofer apps on the internet web. And yes, a lot of free location-based Android applications available on Google Play Store. But unfortunately, many of them are fake and crappy. So we have decided to provide you a better way to choose from our zone, making you not to spend hard-earned money of those crappy apps.


Starting with:

Fake Location Spoofer Free

Individuals who are looking for special features, this app is not for you. As Fake Location Spoofer is basically a GPS spoofer app, which doesn’t have any extraordinary features to consider. But nevertheless, this same app get a Google Play rating of 4.4.


(Download Fake Location Spoofer Free)

Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

This Android app called Mock Locations is one of the most powerful one that allows you to spoof the device location in seconds. Additionally, it has several other features such as the ability to simulate GPS route, set breakpoints, set variable speed and also simulate closed route. Mock Locations for Android is a free of cost app that allows you to hide the app icon from the status bar and very much better than the above version.


(Download Mock Locations)

Fake GPS – Fake Location

This app’s user interface is so clean and easy to use. Fake GPS – Fake Location also has a bookmarking feature that eventually lets you save your favorite locations. Apart that, this app for Android, Fake GPS – Fake Location doesn’t contain any special inclusions inside.


(Download Fake GPS – Fake Location)

Fake GPS Location

Another Fake location app that provides many features such as favorite, history, start on boot and random movement. User interface of Fake GPS Location is perfectly clean and we can recommend you to use this app from the list.


(Download Fake GPS Location)

Fake GPS Android Location App

It’s a bit similar to that aforementioned Fake GPS app, but it doesn’t have the start on boot feature, instead you can make it possible. Check out more details on “How To Fake your GPS Location on Android” using Fake GPS app in the next post.


(Download Fake GPS)

Fake GPS Location

Yet another GPS spoofer app. With no special feature additions other than the bookmarks, this Fake GPS Location Android app brings with it many features.


(Download Fake GPS Location)

Mock GPS Pro

This app sets up mock GPS location so every other app in your phone believe you are there. Android Mock GPS Pro is fortunately a GPS location emulator for changing/setting/simulating the GPS location of the Android Emulator/Device through a simple map-based interface. Otherwise, you can alos add the location to Favorites. Learn more!


(Download Mock GPS Pro)

Location Spoofer

A simple utility to set a fake wireless networks location. Spoofer is a great tool that features random movement and spoof duration. For that, it allow mock locations under Settings > Applications > Development (rooted phones can spoof location with mock locations disabled, move the app to /system/app to get that). Pro version of this app is also available on the Market, with additional features.


(Download Location Spoofer)

Fake GPS Pro (Route + Tilt)

This is another simple tool to spoof your device’s location. It allows you to search a location by using the latitude and longitude. Important to note! Other GPS apps can mess up mock mode settings and even cause this app to malfunction. If your GPS location is not being set, then, restart your phone and try again before leaving a bad review.


(Download Fake GPS Pro)

Location Mockup – Fake & Share

The user interface on this app is somewhat different from the rest of GPS spoofer applications. It allows you to search a location by suing the name or the latitude and longitude. Fake your location in any application that uses GPS that includes; Facebook, G+, FourSqaure, Waze, camera geo tagging and any other app. By the way, it’s a simple, minimalistic and versatile application that lets you keep your real location as secret and can also fool your friends and checking it at any Android app somewhere you are not. It can send a special Google Maps link to a friend with guidance on how to get to you. It cheats the photo geo tags, replace the GPS in places where there’s no signal and testing web services using fake location and much more.


(Download Location Mockup)

Faking your GPS location is something that many of you will likely know, Android is quite versatile – even we continue to surprise ourselves with the types of functionality it has built-in support for. Thinking of these apps and services that, for example, don’t work if you’re outside of the US. Fake GPS location spoofing app features available on pretty much any modern Android device. There are many reasons you might want to spoof your location, you can rest assured that the actual procedure is as easy as pie. Noteworthy, you don’t even need to root your smartphone anyway.

Jump right into the list up there and get downloaded and install one of the best Fake GPS Spoofing app for your Android for free-of-charge.

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