How To Easily Share Your Wi-Fi Password On iOS 11 [Guide]

Here’s how you can share your Wi-Fi password to another iOS device running iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad. Having an elaborate, secure password on your wireless network can be a great thing. But if you have visitors or guests in the home, they try your 20-character Wi-Fi password a dozen different times because a zero looks like an O or they couldn’t tell from your desk which letters are capitalized and which aren’t. Worry not, iOS 11 makes sharing your WiFi password simple and easier.

With iOS 11, sharing that password just got much better and quicker. You can easily share it using iOS devices running the given version or computers running macOS High Sierra. All you will need to have is their contact information saved in your device’s address book.

iOS 11 Wi-Fi Sharing

iOS 11 brings with it a ton of new features, redesigned emojis, Notification Center, and much more. It includes a revamped user interface, augmented reality, and improved multitasking gestures. From all of that, one of the very cool feature added in iOS 11 is Wi-Fi sharing. This allows you to quickly and easily share your WiFi password with another compatible iOS 11 device simply by bringing the two devices next to each other.

This feature is very much useful for sharing your Wi-Fi password with your friends without needing to type out a lengthy password. Or it never needs to tell them what the password is. It works with iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch device as long as those devices running iOS 11.0 or above. Jumping into the tutorial now!

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device which you wish to connect to the network. Now, navigate to the Wi-Fi section.

Step 2: Tap on WiFi network that you want to connect, and that the other iOS 11 devices is already connected to. It should bring up the password input screen.

Step 3: Make sure the other device is unlocked, bring the two devices next to each other.

Step 4: If everything works correctly, the device already connected should show a pop-up asking if you want to share the WiFi password with the other device.

Step 5: Tap the ‘Share Password‘ button at the bottom to send the password to the device. It should now automatically input the password and connect to the WiFi network.

When your Apple-loving friend tries to join your network, they can hold their phone next to your phone or computer that’s already connected to the network and you can just share the password with them. Bonus points: Meaning that you don’t actually have to tell them what’s the password is, just in case use that same password, or variations of it, for other things.

On Mac, that notification will happen in the top-right corner of the screen.

Done! You should be connected to the Wi-Fi network and for more things to learn, please make sure to visit iOS 11 updates link here.

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