How To Enable And Use Reachability Mode On iPhone X

Want to enable and use Apple’s Reachability mode feature on iPhone X? Here’s how you can activate it. In order to access certain parts of the display which otherwise wouldn’t be reachable with one-handed operation.

The only issue with the OLED-version iPhone X handset is the locking system, Face ID. If there’s an identical twin and shaved beared how well it can perform, wondering how they will be able to interact with certain parts of the stunning 5.8-inch display now that the Home button has been entirely removed.

Apart from that, the Reachability feature which was introduced back in 2011 with iPhone 6/6 Plus, is invoked using quick double-tap on the Home button on 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices with a physical button in place. While that’s not possible on the iPhone X due to it having no Home button. Nevertheless, Apple has a fix for this and put a plan in place which involves the feature with a very simple gesture on the display. Here we’re going to explain on how to enable and use this Reachability feature on iPhone X in a better easy way.

Step 1: First of all, Reachability isn’t enabled by default on iPhone X so you are going to need to dive into the native Settings app to get it functional. Once settings is launched, head over to General > Accessibility and then look for Reachability option.

Step 2: Tap on that Reachability option within the Accessibility settings. You are welcomed with a simple toggle switch. Make sure this is turned to the ‘ON‘ position.

Step 3: Reachability should be active now. Exit Settings and go back to your Home screen on iPhone X. Now, in order to invoke Reachability and make the top parts of the screen more accessible, you’ll need to perform a downward swipe gesture on the new gesture bar area at the bottom of the iPhone X’s display.

And that is literally all that she wrote. With that downwards gesture on the new gesture bar area, you will definitely notice that the interface navigates into position allowing you to access parts of the display which all but actionable with a single hand. To go full-screen again, simply use swipe up gesture on the gesture bar area.

That’s it! Reachability is one of those very useful features which has somewhat managed to go under the radar and track not really received the credit that it actually deserves as a real problem solver to the big-screen issue.

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