How To Enable iOS 12 Do Not Disturb Bedtime Mode Feature

With iOS 12, Apple has added “Bedtime Mode” to DnD to let you uninterrupted sleep and used this year’s WWDC on bringing in new features that look to try and limit the amount of time that people spend on devices.

One of those features manifests itself as Bedtime Mode with Do Not Disturb functionality. Once you have enabled DND at Bedtime Mode in iOS 12, your iPhone display will be dimmed, and the notification will be hidden.

The main focus of Bedtime Mode appears to be to give device owners another way to stay away from their devices at night time by limiting what can and can’t be seen on the device without actual effort being put in.

This particular feature keeps important and pertinent information on the screen but hides everything else away from your sight. Let’s take a look at how to activate and use it.

Step 1: First of all, you are going to need to have iOS 12 installed on your iPhone, as Beta 1 is available to download only for developers. You know how you can install iOS 12 betas on your device with a configuration profile. If not follow this here.

Step 2: Once you do, launch the Settings app and select the Do Not Disturb option.

Step 3: Before you do, you will need to set a scheduled time in the Do Not Disturb feature. This involves settings a time for the feature to become activate and a time set for it to deactivate. Set the approximate time that you would go to bed (e.g. 21:30) and an approximate time that you would wake up (e.g. 06:30).


Step 4: With a schedule active, a new toggle called Bedtime Mode will appear. Toggle this switch into an On position to make it active.


Step 5: Now, with Bedtime Mode activated, the iPhone will now show any alerts or notifications, information on the lock screen of the device other than the time, date, and the local weather in the morning.

Step 6: And that is all that she wrote! Bedtime Mode is now active.

Do Not Disturb has been part of iOS for a long time now that works extremely well. This new Bedtime Mode takes it one step ahead and actually means that no audible or light up notifications will be shown, and no infor will be displayed on the screen should the owner of the device tap or view the lock screen.

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