How To Fix The ‘A[?]’ Autocorrect Bug In iOS 11 When Typing ‘i’ Out On Your iPhone Keyboard

Many iPhone owners have found an annoying bug in Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 11. That embarrassing one autocorrects the lowercase letter “i” by itself (which usually turns into a capital ‘I’ pronoun) into a capital “A” followed by a strange question mark in the box “[?]” symbol. Apple is said to eradicate that iOS 11 autocorrect bug this week, as per reports. There’s still no official patch for this bug yet, nevertheless, is an easy way to fix it yourself. Here are the details on how to do so?

While the method we and you are going to jump on is not a permanent fix for the bug, rather for a limited time. To temporarily fix this iOS 11 autocorrection error, which seems to be spreading at a significant rate, we can simply create a keyboard shortcut to change “i” into “I” instead of a question mark in a box symbol.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Select “General” -> “Keyboards” -> “Text Replacement.”

3rd: Tap the plus (+) sign up top to create a new shortcut.

4th: Enter an uppercase “I” for Phrase and lowercase “i” for Shortcut.

5th: Hit “Save” up top, and you’re done.

Although it’s not that perfect, it’s the same fix for the iPhone “i” glitch that Apple recommends until they issue a patch.

Alternatively, in order to fix that, you can also just toggle off “Auto-Correction” entirely, but then you’d have to, you know ….spell things correctly on your own. Or download and use the Gramerly app for iOS for best pronouns.

Likely, Apple will release the patch as an iOS 11.1 update, since iOS 11.2 just recently opened up its beta phase. It’s most annoying to the users of iPhone X, as well as those with less expensive iPhone and iPad models. They will release this patch soon, when? We’ll update this guide when that happens.

Now that you know here is a handy “Text Replacement” menu in the Keyboard settings, you can start using it to your advantage. You can also create shortcuts to your favorite emoji, use a symbol like @ to autocorrect to your email address, fix proper noun issues, and the list goes on fixing. Stay tuned for more.

Update x1: Apple Pay Cash Launches With iOS 11.2 Public Beta 2 Release now.

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