How To Get Always-On Display On iPhone X Without Jailbreak

Does an iPhone X’s OLED screen have an “always-on” display like Samsung phones? That is capable of doing things like displaying the time while the phone display is off. The answer is no. iPhone X users have been secretly jealous of certain features which appear on some Android devices. Nevertheless, there’s a hack to bring the similar Always-On display feature onto your iPhone X, that too without requiring a jailbreak.

One of those features may be the always-on display feature found on Samsung’s and other Android-powered smartphones. Thanks to a new app on the App Store, available to download, brings a few changes to iOS internally, and can also replicate that experience on your iPhone X’s OLED display.

Let’s take a look at the process involved to achieve this effect without jailbreaking. One of many’s favorite features on phones with OLED screens is an “always on” display showing the time/date/notifications all the time, with no need to activate the phone by tapping the screen or pressing a button. Sadly, this feature seems to be missing from the iPhone X. Hopefully it could be enabled by a later software update. Or by adding this new app to your iPhone X’s apps list.

To begin with

Step 1: You are going to need to have the OLEDX app installed on your device. This is a free-of-charge app and is on the Apple App Store for free. You can also find the download link at the bottom of this post.

Step 2: Launch the native Settings app and select General > Accessibility, and scroll down until you find Guided Access. Select this option.

Step 3: Tap the Set Guided Access Passcode option and then enter a passcode of your choice which you remember easily. When prompted, confirm the passcode that you have just entered.

Step 4: When you skip back a stage, make sure that the Accessibility Shortcut toggle is enabled and in the ‘On’ position.

Step 5: Now, launch the OLEDX app to make it consume the display. There are individual settings within the app that will allow you to customize (adjust) the experience to your own requirements.

Step 6: With Guided Access enabled, triple-clicking the Side button on iPhone X will now lock the device and give you that always-On display thanks to the OLEDX app.

Step 7: When you want to get access to the device, double-tapping the Side button will then use the Face ID functionality to unlock and give you access to the phone.

Note: This is not as seamless as having the always-on display functionality built into the OS, such as those devices on Android. However, if you looking for such and want a decent always-on display experience on the iPhone X which makes use of the OLED display to not waste power and kill the battery, then this is one good as it gets.

(Top image: iOS 12 feature wishlist | Download: OLEDX app for iPhone on App Store)

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