How To Get Android Nougat-Like Folders On iOS 10

Customization of the user interface is although one of the best things, even with Apple adds new things to iOS with each big release, while it always be some more that can only be achieved by jailbreaking a device, that too with the help of tweaks and Cydia Substrate. Apple unlikely to ever allow customization of how iOS looks and jailbreak tweaks failing over themselves to give users the power they crave.

One new jailbreak tweak ‘NougatFolder’ for iPhone running iOS 10.0.x-10.2, will be a prime example of exactly that.


Available as free download via the BigBoss repository on Cydia, NougatFolder’s name should actually give what it does. Once installed, and with no options to configure, NougatFolder takes iOS folders and gives them an Android Nougat look, that is, they become round and show their contents in a better way that any Android user having used Android Nougat will be familiar with.

When you does compare Apple’s iOS 10 to Google’s Android Nougat, you will find many things, and basically two platforms are a bit different but both gives their own creations. There’s still no perfect solutions on installing iOS on Android or Android Nougat on iOS 10. Only that you can use to get Android Nougat on to your iOS 10 device is by using something like these jailbreak tweaks.

The functionality of those folders is not changed, and this tweak is a method of altering the boring iOS folders and making them look somewhat different.


Alternatively, NougatFolder may be one of the more simple tweaks available on Cydia. If you like to make iOS look like it belongs to your rather than have Apple dictate everything from the very top to the very bottom of the experience, then, you have come to the right place. This download is for you, and doesn’t need you be a fan of Android Nougat as such – the change in the way these folders look is awesome.

Of course, there are essential tweaks that can make an iPhone look like the latest Android phone, and Droid phones look like iOS device. If folders are all you want, then download NougatFolder today.


The tweak is available for free over on Cydia’s BigBoss repository, so you won’t be losing much more than a couple minutes of your time trying it out.

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