How To Get Galaxy S8 Infinity Display-Like Effect On iPhone

Here’s how to get Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinity Display-like effect, that too on just about any iPhone you might have.

Fortunately, you must have a jailbroken iPhone hands-on. In order to experience what Samsung Galaxy S8 owners are accompanied with like a stunning Infinity Display on their device, and slightly jealous of those tweaks which Apple and iOS doesn’t offer, no worry, the latest tweaks in Cydia may be of interest. The S8Edge tweak looks to try and bring all the Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display look and feel to Apple’s iPhone.

Before you jump into it and getting excited of, this isn’t some miraculous tweak which defies the laws of common sense and physics to inject additional screen size into the jailbroken iPhone. Actually is a small software tweak that brings into live something doused in magic crafted from the black arts. However, what exactly S8Edge does do here, is change a few key areas of the iOS visual experience to try and best mimic the Infinity Display.

When trying to replicate something as beautiful as what Samsung has achieved with the Infinity Display, there are definitely going to be limitations, but the developer behind S8Edge has done the best possible by bringing into a play a gradient-based overlay that brings a nice new effect to the edges of the iPhone display. There’s still also a system in place that allow the display to have rounded corners applied to it to continue on that effect.

Once installed, user is able to head directly into the settings that come as part of the package and configure it to their own tastes. Among the options you have available are:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off
  • Configure the radius of the rounded corners
  • Configure the gradient of the edge overlay
  • Respring button on top of the preferences pane, in the navigation bar

This includes amending the level of gradient applied to the system, as well as amending how rounded the round corners actually are when achieved. All of this is activated from a simple-tu-use slider which lives in the main settings panel of the device.

Obviously, simulating the S8 Infinity Display on a flat screen like the one on the iPhone is merely an aesthetic effect, and you won’t get the functional advantages you would normally get on the real deal with the original Infinity Display.

S8Edge adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can customize the visual effects to your desire content. As you might expect, this is definitely not going to be a perfect replication of Samsung’s stunning, highly engineered Infinity Display, but is definitely a little tweak which will give some visual styling to the iOS installation. If this is the type of experience you wanted, then it’s possible to get up and running with it right now on your jailbroken device.

You can give the S8Edge tweak a try for yourself to see what all the fuss is about. It can be grabbed from the BigBoss repo in Cydia right now for free, and is compatible with iOS 8 through till iOS 10. Very soon it will also be available to download S8Edge IPA on your iPhone without the need of iOS jailbreak. Stay tuned!

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