How To Get 50+ Real, Targeted Instagram Followers Per Hour

A guide to earning your first 1000 real unique followers on Instagram helps you get more than enough following. You might already know that Instagram is a growing channel that lets individuals and businesses alike expand their brand. Instagram for businesses is a completely different layout today. If you read any old article, you’ll get some useful tips and tricks. But you definitely won’t know how to leverage all of Instagram’s new features.

After being acquired by Facebook, Instagram changed their entire look! For businesses especially, it’s a way to humanize your brand, recruit future employees, showcase your product sales and company culture, delight customers, and even generate new business. Here is the better deal, then. Unless you’re famous, it’s really hard to amass a huge following on Instagram without some hard work.

For those average person or business, growing your followers may take some time and attention on a daily basis. Do not fell into the well of fake followers program, as they assume to build a profile at a price in order to bring more following to your Instagram accounts. And although you may be tempted to buy your first several followers to get the ball rolling. Purchased followers are either low-quality profiles as as aforementioned would be full of hoax – so they really serve no purpose except to artificially inflate your follower count. It’s very much not recommended to make engagement or business interactions from these folks, at all.

First and foremost, prior creating your Instagram profile, you should have a target to reach and focus purely on uniqueness. Luckily, there are a few things to consider that you can do right away to collect at least 1000 quality followers for your personal or professional Instagram account. That’s where is all about learning where to invest your time and effort – which is exactly what we’ll show in this post.

In order to gain those first thousand followers, you go through from creating a follow-worthy Instagram profile to using contests to staying true to your brand.

Get Real Followers on Instagram the right Way

1. Create and optimize your profile

The first step: Customize your Instagram profile to make it look good, tell your potential followers who you are, or your brand belongs to, and give them a reason to follow you. For example, if your profile describes your brand of business related to iPhone jailbreak solutions, just say your followers you will be getting full list of jailbreak tweaks, Cydia apps, iPhone themes, and tutorials on jailbreaking iOS device, etc., so that they now know what is your Instagram profile is about and what they can really get from your channel.

Second thing? Start by making sure your username is recognizable and easily searchable – like your business name. If you business name is already taken, try keeping your business name as the first part of your username so that people searching for your business are more likely to come across you. For instance, if your channel is about iOS 10 Jailbreak the username @ios10jailbreak.

Note: Make sure to add your full business name to the “Name” field in the “Options” section – the gear button on iOS, or three dots on Android). This will appear under your profile picture and under your username in search.

Next, make sure your profile is public. To make your profile public, open Instagram, open “Options,” and make sure “Private Account” is turned off.

Now, choose a profile picture that’s on-brand with your other social networks, like your company logo.

Then, fill your bio with delightful, actionable, and informative summary about your brand. Information like this lets you know what you’re about and gives them a reason to follow you. Include who you are and what you do, and be sure to add a hint of personality. Like what these brands show up on Instagram.

  • @WeWork: “Make a life, not just a living.”
  • @Oreo: “See the world through our OREO Wonderfilled lens.”
  • @CalifiaFarms: “Crafting, concocting and cold-brewing up a delicious, plant-based future. Califia Farms Loves You Back”
  • @Staples: “We make it easy to #MakeMoreHappen”

Add a link to your bio to make it easy for people to go straight from Instagram, next to your website if they want to. The space allotted for URLs is precious real estate because it’s the onl;y place within Instagram where you can place a clickable link, so use it wisely. Also recommend you using a shortened, customized Bitly link to make it more clickable.

Finally, enable notifications so you can see when people share or comment on your uploaded photos. That’ll let you engage with them more quickly – just like a lot of companies do on Twitter. To enable notifications on Instagram, head over to “Options” and then “Push Notification Settings.” Select “From Everyone” for every category.

Here’s how to easily get 300+ real and and more targeted Instagram followers per day. This article is all about gaining Instagram followers with an ease and you’ll definitely need to put effort on the target in real-time.

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What does it mean to succeed? It means that you’re attracting all the normal stuff like followers, likes, mentions, and even comments. It also means that you’re engaging at a deeper level with your audience. You’re simply connecting with them in a way that truly counts. But a word to the wise: We don’t recommend you link your Instagram account to Twitter and Facebook so your Instagram posts are automatically published on those other accounts, may become duplicate content promotion. Post types are different.

In case you’re new to the platform, there are some quick facts on Instagram. It is a photo-sharing mobile app, launched in 2010 as a typical freebie application. Even though there were a list of other photo apps, Instagram hit the sweet spot and started to grow dynamically.

In April 2012, Facebook took interest and bought Instagram for $1 billion, just after purchasing the whole WhatsApp Messenger platform. As of March of 2017, Instagram has received more than 600 million monthly active users. Instagram Rolls Out 60-Seconds Video Length, Brings Back Multi-Clip Videos

Another thing in concern is that Instagram used to be a really basic app. You took a picture. You put a filter on it [to make your selfie look better]. You shared with your small Instagram following.

That was it. Nothing fancy. No bells. No whistles etc.

Today, Instagram has grown so fast is packed with tons of features. Once Snapchat started attracting millions of followers, and when apps like Periscope leveraged live video, Instagram rushed to offer these features as well. For example, you can edit photos using more advanced photo editing features instead of relying on Instagram’s built-in filters. Like: Snapchat Debuts New 3D World Lenses AR Feature, Here Are The Details

Before you can also post Stories. Stories appear at the top of your friends’ feeds, and show up there for only 24 hours. And want to keep your stories discrete, you can also send them only to select friends or curated groups.

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To do all the above mentioned in action, you should have a designated content creator. Just like there be one, or two people managing your other social media accounts. And should only be one or two people managing your Instagram account. If possible, choose someone who has experience using a personal Instagram account, and therefore “gets” the platform – and be sure they know all the handy features Instagram providing.

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On Instagram, post quality matters. A lot. Your Twitter followers might forgive a few bad tweets, but a bad photo on Instagram is a big no-no. By no means do you have to take a photography course to be a good Instagram poster – doesn’t have a practice for weeks before you start. But nevertheless, you should get familiar with basic photography tips and photo editing tools.

Since it’s a mobile photo app, chances are, most of the photos you post to Instagram will be taken on your mobile device. It’s expected. While some brands user professional photography for their Instagram photos, most user smartphones – and that’s where the vibe that Instagram is meant for, anyway.

To get in touch with photo editing on Instagram and grab more followers on the photo sharing app, you have to make a note of these tips to follow.


* Focus on one subject at a time.
* Embrace negative space.
* Look for symmetry.
* Find interesting perspectives.
* Capture small details.
* Make your followers laugh and engaged.

Like Snapchat, on Instagram, you can edit pictures with text, drawing, and other special effects. Photo editing skills is what we are going to learn now.

Instagram has some basic editing capabilities, but oftentimes, they aren’t actually the best practices to make a picture really, really great. Most of your photos should go through at least one or two other photo editing apps on your mobile phone before you open them in Instagram for the first time.

These apps will let you do anything and everything from sharpening specific parts of a photo to brightening certain hues to make your photo look fresher. Unlike Snapchat, however, there are no filters that make you look like a cat. That way, when people visit your profile, they’ll see a full screen of photos instead of just a handful, so they know you’ll be posting great content frequently and regularly and makes them returning visitors or real followers. You can easily spoof or fake Snapchat views and screenshot count on your device.

Instagram’s Live Video feature is still catching on. It’s not like most live video platforms, because the video disappears as soon as you stop streaming. You can watch live videos only while they’re being filmed.

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In this article we can only show you how to gain real followers, not teach you how to use every feature. It’s important to be aware of these features, reason, you’re going to be using them as you grow your audience by thousands per week.

The first steps are indeed foundation, so we’ll go through each of them briefly. Then, we’ll dive into details.

Step 1: Design your profile with maximum engagement

To do so, you will need to create an Instagram profile that people will be interested in. Matters more. Your picture, your name, profile name, and obviously your profile description are your digital billboard on Instagram. People will look at it, browse your photos, and check out your website.

Step 2: Post Photos that grab people’s attention and make them want to engage with you.

In this step, Instagram is all about the pictures which you need to build a collection of attention-grabbing posts.

Post original photos by means. No one likes to see an Instagram account that is stacked with stock photos or respond viral pictures, So use your own photos. Make sure you post photos onto Instagram are relevant. Think about the group that you want to attract. Who are these people? What they’re searching on Instagram? In order to grab their attention, what you should do? And much more.

Add a location: When you do this to your photo, you’ll get more visibility. Because your photo “lives” in that location. Anytime someone searches for photos taken within an area, they will see your photo. In this case, Instagram provides you with a handful of possible locations to choose from.

Add a long image caption to the Instagram post. This is one of the most powerful tactics in sharing photos. You should add several photographs of valuable written content to your post.

You’re allowed to write 2,200 characters (not words, spaces also count). That’s a lot! For reference, 2,200 characters in this article will take you from the beginning all the way down to the paragraph that ends with “curated groups.” [CRTL+F to find it, and see how long 2,200 characters can stretch!]

By the way, Instagram only shows three lines of your image caption in user’s feeds. But that’s okay. If you grab attention with those first three lines, you’ve won.

Stop words? Instagram has a nasty thing about not allowing line breaks. The easiest method we’ve found to overcome this issue is by writing your post in any Notes app, copying it (CTRL+C) and pasting (CTRL+V) it onto Instagram.

Boom. Instant juicy content, and line breaks where I want them present on Instagram post. A long and interesting image caption would be more than enough better way that we’ve found to get people comment on and like our posts.

You have to definitely lead with a great picture, that says many words, and a good picture isn’t enough, though. Everyone’s already doing that! You have to add more value by producing more written content.

Add hashtags: This plays a big role in getting Instagram followers in many ways. Use Instagram all day long, though if you’re not adding hashtags, you won’t grow your audience.

Hashtags give you visibility. Instagram and other social networks follows the similar fashion. Users of Instagram hop around on hashtags like a bored person channel surfs. They eventually click from hashtag to hashtag to hashtag, occasionally stopping in to check out an interesting user.

Not all hashtags can be used, but there’s still high-quality hashtags you should pretty much interested to use. If you use the bland hashtags like #happy and #selfie, you’ll get some people to notice your post, but it won’t actually give any juice of sweetness or that won’t be the right kind of people.

You main goal is to get targeted followers, remember?

In a Instagram comment, add hashtags and not in the actual photo. Why? Because, firstly it looks a little bit nicer. Your image caption should be clean and nice-looking. Hashtags tend to make things look worse, a bit messy.

Second, it keeps your caption distinct. Hashtags aren’t for people to see, They are for people to find you.

Third, you can add more hashtags, if you wish to. Once you filled out the image caption at the character limit, don’t worry. You have more room in comments. Start typing a general hashtag that relates to your business or audience.

For that. Go ahead and type a broad hashtag that is relevant to your audience. For instance, you may type “#iOS10Jailbreak”. Notice what happens in Instagram when you do this.

Instagram will show you a bunch of popular hashtag terms used by others by date. Guess what? You don’t need to search which ones are popular, because you can see the post count on the right hand side. Add as many of these hashtags as possible, as long as they are relevant. Doing this will give you a fair idea of the types of hashtags to use, and where to use them.

You can use up to 30 hashtags. No less than 5. No more than 30. This is a good rule of thumb. If you want to add more than 30 hashtags, Instagram won’t let you post the comment.

Run Instagram contests

Another great way to expand your reach while increasing engagement on your photos is to publish a post promoting a contest, and then ask people to follow your account and Like or comment on the photo in order to enter.

Share Instagram Stories and live videos

Post 1 live video per day at the same time each day. Live video hasn’t taken off on Instagram like it has on Facebook, but it’s still powerful. However, with the introduction of emphemeral Instagram Stories, brands can also share on-the-fly, behind-the-scenes looks for 24 hours that may not be as polished as a published post, but give your brand more personality on the platform. When compared and demonstrated Snapchat’s explosion in popularity that users are clearly responding positively to ephemeral photo and video sharing. Instagram Stories let brands engage with users in different ways to cultivate brand loyalty and appeal.

Instagram lets users share Stories and live videos, another content format that’s proven to be hugely popular on other social networks.

Follow 50 users per hour. Nobody except a few select Instagram developers know the exact numbers. Obviously, Instagram wants to keep users from abusing the system by spamming people with useless information. When asked, how many users can you follow and at what rate? They have some restrictions in place that keep you from following too many people.

The limit seems to be 7,500.

It’s going to take a long, long way and time to reach that 7,500 followers. So what’s next? Follow at least 50 users per hour. If you try following too many people within a certain amount of time, you’ll no longer be able to follow people.

Instagram won’t ban your account. They will simply prevent the “follow” button from working. Wait an hour, and try again. Most likely, you’ll be able to follow more people. Repeat this process as often as possible day by day.


Instagram is one of the best platforms, somewhat called a community of people who are helping each other, providing value, learning, and growing their business. It is a vluable place for personal branding and sales. It’s easy to neglect it,though, because it seems challenging to build a following. There are different ways to build a powerful tribe of targeted followers.

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