How To Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 Using Electra – Cydia Included [Tutorial]

CoolStar continues to make improvements to his created Electra iOS 11.x.x jailbreak toolkit, and the latest arrived as beta 9 update. You may be able to jailbreak iOS 11.2.2 using Electra soon if he advise is anything to go by.

Another beta of the Electra jailbreak tool for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 has been released, which includes bug fixes, among other things. The jailbreak tool is primarily meant for developers to that they can test their jailbreak tweaks and themes. Here are the new features and changes you will find in the Electra Beta 9 IPA.

Here is the tutorial

Followed by a tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 11 / 11.1.2 using Electra with a computer on 64-bit iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with this semi-untethered jailbreak solution, developed and pushed out by CoolStar.

One thing you should make a note of is that Electra and who want to get your device liberated with it immediately. About it, is actually to understand what you need to proceed and have yourself prepared.

Before you proceed, it’s worth noting that this is still a semi-untethered solution, meaning that the Electra app will need to be opened and the device re-jailbroken each time it is rebooted or powered down. Also, it’s worth reiterating that Electra does NOT install Cydia or Substrate as these are not yet fully compatible with iOS 11.

But nevertheless, it does come bundled with the Comex-developed Substrate which basically allows tweaks to be installed as it’s an alternative to Saurik’s Substrate. What are the requirements you will need and worth checking out:

* Devices and firmware supported by Electra: This is, in fact, a jailbreak for iOS 11.0 through to iOS 11.1.2. It only supports 64-bit devices with those firmware versions installed. All 64-bit devices including Apple’s latest hardware, iPhone X, and iPhone 8/8 Plus.
*The popular and highly versatile Cydia Impactor tool developed and released by Jay Freeman. You can grab it for free:
* The latest version of iTunes.
* A PC or Mac running Windows or macOS.
* A free and full developer ID, which can be obtained from using an existing or new Apple account.
* Finally, the latest Electra IPA file, which can be obtained from our previous coverage here.

The process of jailbreak is listed below. It’s relatively simple.

Step 1: Connect your device to PC or Mac by cable. Before you go forward through the Electra installation process you should be capturing a full backup of that device using the latest version of iTunes. In order to protect you and your data in the event that something might go wrong when Electra gets involved.

Step 2: Launch the latest version of Cydia Impactor – you downloaded as part of the requirements above. Drag the latest Electra IPA file onto the Impactor window and wait for the prompt regarding your Apple ID credentials. Add in the relevant Apple ID email and password to confirm. Once those are accepted, Cydia Impactor does the work, sideloads the IPA onto the connected device.

NOTE: If Cydia Impactor is entirely new to you it may be worthwhile checking out our detailed guide on how to use it to sideload IPA files, here: Sideload iOS Apps On Windows, Mac With Cydia Impactor Without Jailbreak, Here’s How.

Step 3: Now, after Electra IPA file installed on the device, before it will launch you need to head over to Settings > General > Profile(s) & Device Management and select the profile which has been installed with the Electra app. Select ‘Trust‘ and then ‘Trust‘ again on the resulting alert. You can now head back to the Electra app and tap the icon to launch it.

Step 4: Once Electra loads, you will be presented with a standard looking iOS app with a minimal UI and big Jailbreak button in the middle of the device’s screen. Simply tap this button, making sure that the Tweaks toggle is ON, to allow Electra to do the work and wait for it to do what it needs to do.

Step 5: Allow Electra to do its work. If you see a prompt which says “APFS Screenshot Created”, this means it’s progressing well. Simply tap on “Continue Jailbreak” button to proceed. If in case you are wondering, this APFS Snapshot feature will allow you to revert back to stock iOS 11.1.2 state using SemiRestore in case anything goes wrong with your jailbroken device.

Once completed, you should have Cydia Installer on your Home screen.

Simply launch it and start installing tweaks! Enjoy your jailbreak!

For a list of jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 11.0-11.1.2 Electra Jailbreak, check: iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks Cydia Compatibility List For Electra.

Check out full video instructions below:

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