You Can Now Lock Individual Apps In iOS 12, Here’s How

There are several app hide/lock apps available for iPhone as free-of-charge in the iOS App Store and setting a lock code on an app-by-app basis is a great way to add another level of security to your device, be it be an Android or iPhone. Today we are talking about iOS 12’s new feature that lets you lock individual apps not going to download a third-party app.

Yes, we are been told about how to set up Screen Time and App Limits, which also explained that it was mainly added to iOS 12 as a better way to allow users to both know how they are using their devices as well as limit how much their children are using apps and even categories of apps. This allowing parents to take on control over apps usage, restrict some of the apps to use by kids, and even hide them, too.

For example, if you really want to protect a particular app, whether that is Messages, Photos or indeed any other app like WhatsApp, then what you can actually do is set an App Limit for that app and have the timeout be a relatively low one. You can protect your Messages with a passcode, you would select the Messages app, set a time limit of a minute and then simply open the app until iOS reminds you that time is up.

At this point, if users have a passcode set up in Screen Time settings (it is off by default), they will be asked to enter the code in order to access the app again, that’s something very essential in protecting that app and ensures that nobody who does not know that passcode is able to access it. If you have an app with information to keep safe, private, this could be an easy task to do exactly that on iOS 12.

For now, iOS 12 is currently available in its pre-release beta state as it going through developer beta program, is expected to arrive this September alongside new iPhones so users only have three or so months to wait before they can try this out for themselves.

Update x1: We have a complete guide on how Screen Time, App Limits and Downtime feature works by following it here: How To Use iOS 12 Screen Time, App Limits & Downtime Feature

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