How To Make iPhone X Battery Percentage Display On Home Screen At All Times

Unlike previous iPhones, there’s is no better way to manually enable a permanent battery percentage display on the iPhone X on the status bar via the Settings app. Due to the fact that there’s not as much real estate available in the status bar on the iPhone X, or it could just be Apple wanting to maintain a tidy interface.

Nevertheless, a popular and prominent developer within the jailbreak community has created and also made available for download BatteryPercentX. A jailbreak tweak, which is intended for iPhone X users specifically, is compatible with the latest Electra Jailbreak ToolKit for iOS 11.1.2 and instantly brings the battery percentage back on iPhone X status bar at all the times.


Before we go further explaining how that can be enabled, Apple understands that users still need to be able to access their iPhone’s current battery percentage. How do you go about doing so on iPhone X? As we have three easy ways to do so, literally. And one app or tweak available after jailbreaking the iPhone X.

1. Charge your iPhone X

This way is perhaps one of the more obvious methods for revealing your device’s battery percentage; simply charge your iPhone and your percentage will be displayed on the Lock Screen. With iPhone X you can use a wireless charger, making it just a matter of resetting the iPhone’s rear surface on a compatible Qi-enabled wireless charging pad.

2. Ask Siri

The second way is simply to ask Siri for help. Invoke Siri by long pressing and holding the Side button or by using Hey Siri. You can also ask your assistant something like “What’s my battery life?” Siri will respond with your iPhone X’s exact battery percentage.

3. Use Control Center

Accessing your current battery percentage is probably the method that most iPhone X owners will end up using. If you aren’t charging your device and you don’t want to use Siri, simply invoke Control Center by swiping down from the upper right-hand corner of the display. Unlike the Home screen and Lock screen interfaces, CC or Control Center allows you to see your iPhone’s exact battery percentage at any given time.


If you have already jailbroken your iPhone X running on iOS 11.1.2 using Electra Jailbreak ToolKit, then you will have to launch Cydia and search for the given BatteryPercentX tweak. This tweak is now readily available for 64-bit device owners who have liberated their devices using CoolStar’s Electra Jailbreak ToolKit.

Anyone who has used Electra will already know that it doesn’t go through a full Cydia installation, meaning that tweaks aren’t available through that mechanism. Instead, SparkDev has made the Debian file for BatteryPercentX available through his free-to-join, member-only repository. Those will an iPhone X who are interested in the tweak can download that file and go through the manual installation process.

Once installed. The battery percentage will be instantly shown on the right-hand side of the status bar, to the right of the notch, and right next to the WiFi or cellular data indicator. So iPhone X owners will no longer have to look at the fill-level of the battery icon and try to come up with the best guess on how much battery is left behind. Or even, they don’t have to manually invoke Control Center to see the exact battery expressed as a percentage.

Again, if you have an iPhone X, jailbroken with Electra on iOS 11.1.2, have the necessary knowledge and skill to manually install packages of this nature, then you can head over to the developer’s repository at and sign up right now to download the tweak.

Update x1: You can also display iPhone battery percentage details from the battery widget if you already have Apple Watch/AirPods paired with your iPhone X.

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