How To Run Windows 95 App On Mac, Windows 10 And Linux [Download First]

Today we have a good news saying that Windows 95 is now available as an app which can be downloaded and installed on macOS, Windows 10 and Linux at any time.

Actually, there are few redeeming features for Electron, which is the framework that many applications are now developed on, but one of them is this new development which otherwise, allows Windows 95 to be run as an app on Mac, Windows and even Linux.

Windows 95 in Electron is now an app

For those unfamiliar with Electron, is a framework used by many app developers as the best way of making their apps cross-platform without having to code bespoke apps. An electron version of Windows 95 is here now.

The Windows operating system that’s now used as a yardstick for what’s possible on modern devices and platforms. Windows 95 is one of that version 20 years ago made fans queue up for a boxed copy, was for many people the first desktop OS they used.

We have already seen Microsoft OS appear on the Apple Watch, an Android Wear smartwatch, and even the Xbox One. This time thanks to Slack developer Felix Rieseberg who is responsible for turning everyone’s favorite legacy operating system into something that can run almost anywhere. Slack, for example, is a prime instance of an app that is actually an Electron app. Available from Github, the new release sees Windows 95 effectively run as a single app on the Mac or PC, and not surprisingly the whole thing takes amazingly up less than 200MB of RAM once it is up and running.

You can:

Windows 95 in Electron is based on an existing web project that supports Windows 95, Windows 98, and a whole host of older operating systems. Now nostalgia lovers can play around with Windows 95 in an electron app. In order to test drive, the developer has published the source code and app installers for this project on Github, and apps like Wordpad, phone dialer, MS Paint, and Minesweeper all run like you’d expect.

Unfortunately, or sadly, Internet Explorer isn’t fully functional as it simply refuses to load pages, which is the only downside, although that’s perhaps to be expected given the fact the whole OS is running inside an Electron wrapper.

Being able to run Windows 95 is often a rite of passage for devices and it has been shoehorned ontop all manner of things from smart-wrist wearables to smartphones to game consoles and just about anything in-between.

The app in Electron is only 129MB in size and you can download it over at the given link for both macOS and Windows. Once it’s running it undoubtedly only takes up around 200MB of memory space, even when running all of the old 1990’s Windows 95 system utilities, apps, and games.

Now being able to run a version of Windows 95 on a computer just be downloading an app is something anyone can do, and it’s taking us right up Nostalgia Lane. If you run into any issues with the app you can always reset the Windows 95 instance inside the app and start over again.

To get started, simply head on over to the Electron project’s Github page here, and grab the relevant version of the app for your operating system. Enjoy this quirky trip down memory lane.

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