Want To Send Self-Destructing Emails In Gmail, Here’s How You Can Do So

Using Dmail you can remove all the Gmail-based emails from your friend’s inbox. Confused? Not to be! It is a Chrome extention which can save the day by giving your Gmail-based emails the ability to self-destruct.

Here's How To Send Self-Destructing Emails In Gmail
Called Dmail! Currently supports Gmail only, comes in a month after Google introduced a new ‘Undo Send‘ feature in Gmail which allowed users to revoke a sent email within 30 seconds of hitting the Send button. You can even set a self-distructing timer that automatically makes an email inaccessible an hour, a day, or a wekk later.

The Dmail extension allows you to send an email to anyone, with the power to revoke the recipent’s access to it at anytime. After installing the Dmail extension, you’ll see a new switch added to the bottom of a new email that you are composing. Simply by flipping that switch, you can enable or disable Dmail whenever you want.

It doesn’t matter whether the recipent has an extension installed or not. Recipents with the extension already installed can read the email directly from the Gmail until access to it is denied by the sender, it works a bit differently for those who do not have Dmail installed. Users of such will receive an email which reads “This secure message was sent using Dmail. To view this message, simply click the button below”, after which a new tab will be opened displaying the email.

This means that using Dmail as a security measure makes more sense than as a face-saving “Undo Send” option. Neat trick, but it’s not quite the same as deleting a sent email remotely. After access to the email is revoked, the recipient will view a message that says “This message has been destroyed and is no longer available”. This means that the emailk will not be removed from the recipent’s inbox, it’s just the access to the message which will be denied.

Now that the extension is available for the Chrome web browser on desktop but an iOS and Android release is expected for later this year. Still, Dmail is slick and easy to use, and you now know how to use it to self-destruct emails. The team is also planning to add the self-destruct functionality to document attachments as well

With this Dmail extension, you now have a chance to keep your impulsive or accidental emailing in check before you go self-distruct Gmail-based emails. They also have plans to make Dmail a freemium service, with extra options for paying businesses and power users. Until then you can try the Dmail beta for free here.


(Download: Dmail for Chrome browser)

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