How To Set Up iMessage And Use It On Windows PC, Here’s The Video Tutorial

Although you know how to use iMessage on your latest iOS 8 version of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices, but have you ever thought to get iMessage for Windows PC? With complete guide on how you can setup iMessage and use with step-by-step guide can be found right after this fold.

iMessage is a very secure, fast and obviously reliable instant messaging service, introduced by Apple with iOS 5 back i the past. But because it’s created and hosted by Apple, you can only use it on Apple devices with quite limitations, and if, say, you run iMessage on Windows PC, thanks to the work of the jailbreak scene though, there are different ways around this problem. But nevertheless, here we got you step-by-step on how you and your jailbroken iOS device can start using iMessage via Windows.


Before we talk about the aforementioned guide, we have to talk about the iOS jailbreak and its best Cydia tweaks, that makes it all possible. With Remote Messages (jailbreak tweak), has already been featured here having been updated and improved continually over the past month, it’s now available as iMessage add-on. Tutorial goes with little steps, and provided you have an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as a Windows computer. How it’s done using jailbroken iOS device.

Step 1: Launch Cydia and search for Remote Messages. Available versions for iOS 7 and iOS 8 are there, and pick which is applicable to your software version. Pay the $3.99 asking price and install.

Step 2: Once completed, navigate to Remote Messages in Settings, and create a username and password under ‘Use Authentication‘, which should be toggled ON.


Step 3: Assuming that both of your iOS device and Windows machine are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, open your browser and enter the IP address as shown under the ‘Enable‘ toggle. Entered IP address, now you will need to enter a colon, followed by the server port as shown beneath the IP address in Remote Messages settings (default by ‘333’).

For example, if your IP address is, and server port 333, you would type the following into your browser:

Step 4: Setup completed! You can place your device into sleep mode and respond to messages right from your browser.


Sure, it’s redirecting rather than being a genuine iMessage client like on Mac, but given how much easier it is to type on a desktop, this tweak is well worth the four-buck asking price.

For tutorials on how to jailbreak and install Cydia:

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