How To Spoof Snapchat Views And Screenshot Count On Your Device

Why jailbreaking iOS is not accepted by Apple in question is all remains quietly on violation and untrusted third-party apps sweep out all your data without your permission. As Apple thinks in fact, but there are several other jailbreak tweaks out there on Cydia helps you get rid of some issues. Take this tweak going by the name of SnapSpoofer as a prime example of that. If you’re a Snapchat user and want to juice your screenshot and view counts, then it will help you a lot.


Backing up a little for a moment, this jailbreak tweak can be downloaded from the Cydia store and costs nothing, it’s free. If you decide that downloading the tweak is all you want to do, then you can grab it right from the BigBoss repository.

Before we speak about the actual story, there are some other ways to get over 100 views on a Snapchat story. That we’ll talk about in our next post.

Once installed SnapSpoofer on your device, you will find that you can fake not just the view count on your Snapchat stories, but the number of screenshots as well. Both of these metrics show how popular a story is, and they can both be fiddled with at will.

Spoofing is what a time to be alive, because, as you might expect, this tweak cannot actually talk to or modify data on Snapchat’s server, meaning the two aforementioned measures are only edited on your device rather than on Snapchat itself. Result? Anyone looking at your stories on their own device will obviously see the real numbers.

Bummer thought for you, but being able to fool people using your ow device to view your Snapchat stories is still very much cool,isn’t it?


You can use this tweak to show off your high story views to your friends. You are able to completely customize your views and screenshot count.

For example, if you have 30 views on your story, you can multiply that by 5, and the final view will be 150 (30 x 5). You can dynamically change the number of views and screenshots you get for each story.

Mentioned already, , SnapSpoofer can be downloaded and installed for free of charge from BigBoss repository on Cydia.

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