Reliance Jio Prime: New Data Plans, How To Subscribe, Print And Everything Detailed

Here’s how to subscribe the newly announced Reliance Jio Prime membership to get access to the best data plans and everything you need to know is right here.


Last month, Reliance chief Mukesk Ambani has suggested that the telecom operator has hit yet another milestone – record 100 million subscribers in just 170 days since starting its commercial operations. To celebrate the success, he also made ‘Jio Prime‘ membership program official, enrolling to it users can continue to avail the benefits offered under the existing ‘Happy New Year’ offer. Those individuals looking forward to subscribe to Reliance Jio Prime has three easiest ways and option, which we are now getting into it.

The enrollment window for the aforementioned program is open between March 1st to 31st of March. In order to get enrolled yourself to it, you’ll need to make one-time payment of Rs 99, which will also extend the validity of the “Happy New Year” plan for one year – up to March 31, 2018. Those registered members will come into effect starting April 1, 2017. What are those benefits attached to Jio Prime members will be described later on.

There are various options to make Jio Prime enrollment and we have the better way to do so.

How to subscribe for Jio Prime Membership

There are three different ways to subscribe. You can download myjio app on your Android or iOS device to make a payment, or you can simply login to or else, can walk through any Reliance Digital or Digital Express Mini stores and ask the executives to do a refill.

First: Subscribe to Jio Prime using the myjio app

* Download the given app on your compatible Android or iOS smartphones, open it and enter your login credentials. No yet created any, do it now. As you can sign-up for the same either on the app or by visiting online. Once logged in, you’ll see the list of Jio apps ecosystem that you can install on your devices. Tap on “Open” beside the MyJio where got access to manage your account.

Sign In
Now, on the homescreen it shows your current plan with benefits, and the bottom, have two links – recharge and check usage. Tap on recharge button so that you can browse available plans – first tab has Jio Prime subscription and second has a list of combo offers while the third shows you a list of booster plans.

Payment successfull
Subscribing to Jio Prime via online

Navigate to your phone’s mobile browser, enter this link: Click on the sign-in button on top right corner. Login with your details and you will have a number of options such as account summary, your existing plan, recharge, history and locate your phone.

There’s still a separate tab for Jio Prime Membership Plan, just click on “Get It Now” button that will take you to the payment gateway. Select your mode of payment – via credit card, debit card, internet banking or debit card+PIN. Once you did so successfully, you’ll get the acknowledgement for the payment you have just made. Alternatively, a payment confirmation.




To conform if the plan been activated or not, logout and login again. On the default my account screen, there’s a dark yellow strip with ‘Prime Member’ showing up on the summary tab, and you’re done.



The Reliance Jio Prime plans starts at Rs 19 with one-day validity, Rs 149 with 28 days and will go all the way up to Rs 9,9999 with a validity of 360 days. However, the lower denomination plans are also available. To continue ‘Prime’ membership till March 31, 2018, you will need to recharge with at least Rs 149 (valid for 28 days). Also there’s the ‘Night Unlimited’ plan that works between 2AM and 5AM, which is not applicable for Jio Prime membership plans.

Reliance Jio Prime Data Plans – Highlights

The Jio Prime’s Rs 99 plan offers a 200MB data validity of one-day, whereas the Rs 49 plan offers three-day 600MB data validity and the Rs 96 data plan offers seven-days (week) validity and 7GB of data. Speed, when you want to know, as of a daily cap of 1GB high-speed 54G data is applicable with the recharge of Rs 96 plan, and once completed, the speed will obviously cut down to 128Kbps till midnight.

Next, the Rs 149 plan with 28 days validity and 1GB of data. Although this comes with a minimum recharge that you need to do in order to continue with Jio Prime membership. The Rs 303 plan offers 28 days of validity with daily high-speed 4G data limit to 1GB, asfter which will be exhausted. The next plan is the Rs 499 – offers data process up to 28 days, but increases the daily limit to 2GB, after speeds will be trottled.

Theoretically, if one consumes the overall 1G / 2GB of data everyday, they tend to use 28GB / 56GB a month with Rs 303 and INR 499 plans, technically. Then, there are days when you may not use the entire 1GB/2GB data, while others would want to have control of how they use data. Below is another set of plans which consumers don’t want any daily data restrictions.

For that, the Rs 999 plan is offering up to 60 days of a validity and of course, 6GB of high-speed 4G data. The Rs 1999 plan offers 90 days validity and 125GB of high-speed data and the Ts 4,999 pan offers 180 days validity with 350GB of data, and finally the already mentioned Rs 9,999 plan – offers a validity of 360 days with 750GB of 4G data.

That above all you are beneficial to choose, and these plans will give you the liberty to as much data you want. For instance, if you go with Rs 999 plan with 60GB data and 60 days validity, you can get the entire 60GB downloads in one go (depending on the speed) of usage over a period of sixty days.

Update x1: Reliance Jio is also offering Booster packs which are priced at Rs 51 with 1GB of 4G data, followed by Rs 91 with 2GB of data, Rs 201 with 5GB of data, and the Rs. 301 with 10GB of data. These are those plans that have no validity, meaning that they’ll be valid till the validity period of your Jio Prime recharge where you go anywhere between 28 days to 360 days.

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