How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X [Explained]

It’s very important for users of a smartphone taking screenshots when blogging or using it to describe anything inside the phone. It’s a quick way to capture the contents of the screen for later use and uploads. On the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device, there’s a simple technique to capture screenshots. You can easily press both the side-button and the Home button at the same time to take a screenshot. But it’s not that easy for iPhone X owners, as there’s no other iOS device lookalike. It has no Home button.

So how does anyone talking about taking a screenshot on the iPhone X? First and foremost, all you have to wait until November 3rd, is when the phone actually ships.

How to take screenshots on the iPhone X when there is no Home button

Learn about the new gesture for taking a screenshot on your new iPhone X the right way. Once you have it hands-on, out-of-the- retail box, starting it for the first time, you’ll notice that it has a variety of new gestures, screenshot-taking also included in the manual.

Taking screenshots is still as easy as on the iPhone X, but the Home button is replaced by the volume up button, meaning that you still have to press two buttons simultaneously, including the volume up and the side button. With the method of taking a screenshot on iOS devices having historically been a case of pressing the sleep/wake and Home buttons at once.

The only solution is on the iPhone X when there is no Home button in question. Well, the good news is we can still take the screenshots we all seem to love posting on Twitter or Facebook, this time for that you still need to press two buttons in order do so. So, pressing the Vol up button and the sleep/wake button, now apparently called “the side button” is the new gesture to go with. Remember that folks, you’ll need it come launch day.

Once the screen is captured, the notch at the top which houses the Face ID sensors won’t be part of the screenshot. Which otherwise means you will get one uniform screenshot without any cutout for the notch, as shown below:

Once a screenshot is captured, a thumbnail will be generated in the lower right corner, and you can click on it to annotate before saving it. If you don’t have iOS 11 installed on your iOS 11 devices, you’ll soon see what that means.

Everything has a downside, as taking screenshots on an iPhone X also includes. Some of them may look rather unsightly, at least according to what the iPhone X simulator currently has to offer. As is said that the current iPhone X screenshots generated by this are not suitable for any marketing or press kits. It just looks so wrong.

While not all developers agree, with some images showing no-notch screenshots, which is the reason why you’d expect in the first place. Let’s just hope the notch will not be present in actual screenshots taken on iPhone X, and that Apple can find a better way to deal with it later on.

With iPhone X set to hit store shelves in a few hours from now, are you getting one?

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