How To Turn Off iPhone X, Reboot, Hard Reset / Force Restart

Know about quick iPhone X tips? Here’s how to turn off, reboot or even hard reset/force restart your iPhone X when required.

Got an iPhone X? If you have purchased a brand new iPhone X from Apple, then you should be waiting for something you are fond of now. If not there are plenty of new interactions and gestures available with the OLED iPhone X and iOS 11. But we are going to specifically focus this post on guides to turn off the device, how to reboot it, and if needed, how to hard reset it if there is a problem.

When compared to iPhones with dedicated power buttons and physical home buttons, the new bezel-less display iPhone X is a bit different from all the previous. It was pretty straightforward to reboot, turn off or force restart the device in older ones. Now that, Apple moving away from those buttons with an all-screen front and a multipurpose “Side” button in iPhone X, there’s a little learning curved involved on how to go about using the aforementioned functions on the device, X.

Worry not! It’s not that difficult on iPhone X, once you get into its interaction you’ll feel at home. Let’s jump right in and look at the functionalities needed to carry out the above-mentioned actions.

How To Turn Off iPhone X:

Step 1: Put your iPhone X hands-on. Now press / hold the Side button as well as either of the Volume Up or Down buttons at the same time.

Step 2: When the new power menu screen appears, swipe the slider as indicated on the screen to power the device off.

How To Reboot iPhone X:

Step 1: With the iPhone X in hand, press and hold the Side button and using one of the Volume Up or Down buttons.

Step 2: The power off menu screen appears just like above. Slide to power the device off.

iPhone X Reboot

Step 3: Once the device is completely turned off, simply press and hold the Side button again to turn it on and complete the reboot cycle.

How To Hard Reset / Force Restart iPhone X:

Trick 1: Press the Volume Up button and then release, while pressing and releasing the Volume Down button.

2nd: Now quickly press and hold the Side button until you see the device’s screen turned off, followed by Apple logo showing up on the device.

3rd step: Once the Apple logo appears on screen, release the Side button to complete the force restart cycle.

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