SemiRestore11 / Rollectra Released To Remove Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.4 Without Computer

Jailbreakers who have been using iOS 11.3.1 or one of the iOS 11.4 betas that Electra is compatible with are more than likely a very happy camper. That’s because the best cause of action can often be to simply remove Electra and try again. As Pwn20wnd of Electra jailbreak team has released SemiRestore11/Rellectra, this allows jailbreakers who have already jailbroken devices to unjailbreak their device with a single tap.

How To Remove Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.4 Without Computer Using SemiRestore11 / Rollectra

The one that is absolutely the case when your iOS device is jailbroken on iOS 11.3.1 or iOS 11.4 beta is misbehaving in a way that is impossible to fix any other way, and that’s where the new release of SemiRestore11 / Rollectra comes into play.

You can install the SemiRestore11 / Rollectra utility from Cydia for free. It’s available in the Packix repository, which is a paid repository giving you a compatible tweak to unjailbreak or remove Electra jailbreak completely.

Below, we have shared something that is required in order to fully remove the Electra jailbreak from your iOS device without the need for a computer. That’s very important to note if you are away from a computer with an iOS device that isn’t playing all, this could be invaluable. With that said, let’s get started, shall we?

Starting with

Step 1: Make sure that everything is backed up. While this process is going to completely wipe your device. You have been warned!

Step 2: Fire up Cydia.

Step 3: Tap on Sources and select Packix.

Step 4: Scroll down to SemiRestore11 / Rollectra and install it.

Step 5: Once the Rollectra app is downloaded, exit Cydia.

Step 6: There’s a newly installed Rollectra icon appears on the Home screen. Tap that in order to get started.

Step 7: Within it (Rollectra app), tap the large Unjailbreak button.

Step 8: Tap Erase All.

The process will be very quick, but if your device appears to be frozen, you’re also going to want to force your hardware to restart. This should get things back to the track.

Once this completes, you should be purely unjailbroken.

That’s it, you’re all done successfully. You can’t ask for more than that, right now!

Update: Actually, this tweak uses the APFS snashots and mobile_obliterator to roll your device back to a stock and unmodified state. SeliRestore11 / Rollectra utility is only released to those who want to remove the jailbreak and restore it back to a stock and unmodified state. The other way to unjailbreak your iPhone or ipad would be put it in recovery mode and restore your device, but that would also result in updating to iOS 11.4.1 which can’t be jailbroken.

The Cydia package SemiRestore11 / Rollectra is very useful for jailbreakers who are facing several issues with Cydia after installing an incompatible jailbreak tweaks. It is much fater than Cydia Eraser, released by Jay Freeman – the founder of Cydia.

Sileo, a Cydia replacement and alternative app store is also coming, and the utilities like SemiRestore/Rollectra, will make life a lot easier for jailbreaker and should encourage more users to liberate their iOS device.

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