How To Unlock LG G6 Instantly Online

Did you know how to unlock LG G6 is a question now, as the MWC 2017 started excellent, with a lot of new and interesting smartphones being launched in the first day of the trade show in Barcelona. Among them was the newly announced LG G6, the Korean company’s latest flagship and, of course, one of the most expected smartphones of this year.


What’s the heck with LG G6 smartphone now, is pretty much nailed it, since South Korean’s handset is absolutely awesome, but it might be a bit difficult to get used with the latest 18:9 aspect ratio of the display. Also Read: Confirmed LG G6 Price And Release Date Has Been Detailed

However, as much as we honor it, we’re a bit convinced that it will have a not-so-pocket-friendly price tag, because, flagship phones never come for cheap. Admitting it, the other side of the phase is, it won’t be long until carriers will offer it, with a two-year contract agreement, for a better price, and a lot of people will choose this option though, in order to get their hands on LG’s new G6 flagship.

Speaking about the biggest Cons (downside), is the fact that for the entire period of the agreement, the phone will be locked, meaning that it’s stuck on one carrier’s network, without any possible ways to switch to another one. If there’s a will there is a better solution that told you can instantly unlock your LG G6 with ease, in just a few minutes, and get rid of this problem once and for all?

Currently, we have some of few methods to do so, but there’s no doubt that unlocking by code is by far the most popular (and easiest) of them all. Basically, it can be done from the comfort of your own hjome and never need any special cables, software or technical knowledge. Really, it just can’t get any better!

Let’s see how it is done…

Unlocking LG G6 right now

Find a code provider online, while there are plenty of unlock code providers out there – but after performing a small research, we’ve come across and, which apparently to be two of the best services at this far moment, are proven by the positive reviews they received from their clients.

Place your order

After chosen upon one of these two services, it’s time to place your order. Select your phone model on the homepage – LG G6, in this case – just click “Unlock Now”. You will be taken to the order form, where you’ll need to complete the formalities with the following.


  • IMEI: It’s the unique number which can be found by simply dialing *#60#. It’s very important to provide the correct one, since it’s required to calculate the LG G6 unlock code.
  • Now, add the network’s name and country you originally got the phone from: Be very careful with this step. Select the network you’re currently using, NOT the one you’re planning to use after unlocking the phone.
  • A valid email address: This is where you will receive the unlock code.

Done! Proceed to payment then.

Alternatively, you can also place your order directly from the UnlockScope app!

Insert the code

After placing the order, depending how difficult to process your EMEI is, you will receive the code, alongside additional instructions to follow. So it’s time to unlock your LG G6!

Insert a SIM card from an unsupported carrier, other than which you already using, and wait for the phone to display a message like “SIM Network Unlock PIN”, or something similar to this. Using the phone’s keyboard, type the unlock code you received in your email, then tap the “Unlock” button.

If everything goes perfectly as followed by the step-by-step instruction on unlocking LG G6 smartphone, you should get the “Unlock successful” mesage, meaning that your LG G6 is now ready to be used with any carrier in the world. Pretty simple, right?

Apart this, you can also now avoidf roaming fees when traveling, by usinf a local SIM, not to mention that when you will want to sell this phone, you will get a way better price for it as well, since it’s unlocked. Unlocking your LG has tons of advantages, what do you say?

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