Using Apple Pay With iPhone X’s Face ID Authentication In 3 Easy Methods

Here’s how to use Apple Pay on iPhone X with the new Face ID face authentication following some of the easy step-by-step guides.

How do you pay with Apple Pay in stores that too on your iPhone X? Using the Side button and Face ID. The system is the same and users will still need to wave their iPhone at a card reader in order for the payment to be completely processed. This method of authentication has changed in iPhone X thanks to the removal of Touch ID.

On iPhone X, Face ID is a new technology used by Apple, which also changed Apple Pay invoking. There is plenty opportunity for your first iPhone X payment to go awry.

Making an Apple Pay payments with an iPhone X still really simple to do; you just need to know what to press and when. Once that’s taken care of, you’ll easily be buying things without even thinking about it. This tutorial assumes you already have a card configured for Apple Pay.

Apple Pay on iPhone X works just like how Apple Pay does on any iPhone – with two exceptions. First, the Home button is gone so you now use the Side button to ring it up. Second, Touch ID fingerprint scanner is gone so you now use Face ID to authorize it.

Here’s how it works!

Using Apple Pay on iPhone X at retails stores such as coffee shops, pharmacies, fast food outlets, etc. is very similar to using it on any other iPhone. You simply need to substitute the Side button for the Home button and Face ID for Touch ID.

Step 1: When ready to pay. Double-tap the Side button to bring up Apple Pay on your iPhone.

2nd: Look at your iPhone X to authenticate with Face ID. Let the camera see you as if you were unlocking your iPhone, and you’re done. A smiley face will appear on the display to show that you are authenticated.

3rd: If you want, you can also switch cards to use one other than your default. Tap your iPhone X to pay terminal.

From that point on, everything is processed the same. Wave your iPhone at the payment terminal as you have always done with previous iPhones.

The new process will feel awkward for those of us used to waving an iPhone at a terminal in order to set the payment process in motion ahead of using Touch ID to authenticate. In fact, logically, the new method makes more sense than the way Touch ID payments are made. Give it time.

How can you pay with Apple Pay on iPhone X on-device?

It’s similar. Apple Pay in-app or on the web is same as well, though the experience can and will vary slightly from app to app and site to site.

1st: Add your item(s) and go to your bag/checkout.

Second step: Tap the Buy with Apple Pay button and/or Apple Pay Pay button.

Step 3: Double Click the Side button. Look at your iPhone X to authenticate with Face ID face.

Paying with Apple Pay on iPhone X if Face ID can’t recognize you, how?

If that happens, for whatever reason, face ID can’t authenticate you:

1. Tap Pay with Passcode.

2. Enter your Passcode

3. Tap your iPhone X to the payment terminal. (Or just bring it close.)

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