iOS 11 Makes It Easy To Share Your WiFi With Friends, Automatically Send Passwords To Nearby Devices

Apple’s next major version of iOS 11 has been announced at this year’s presentation and on-stage demonstration we have been shown that the latest mobile OS will come with ton of new and advanced features that will definitely appeal to most device owners.

When done a preview of iOS 11, investigations confirms that there is a Wi-Fi sharing feature for friends and guests. Making it easier, iOS 11 includes many automatic features regarding first-time setup and account login. This extends to WiFi networks too.

With iOS 11 nearby, the days of awkwardly asking your friends for their WiFi passwords everytime you visit are finally coming to an end. At least for anyone with a compatible iPhone or iPad running iOS 11. However, further reviews has shown that the platform also comes with a number of improvements designed to pretty easily make specific setup a lot more streamlined, including the ability to instantly get another device onto a Wi-Fi network without having to find and manually share network credentials.

The company demoed several new features including Siri updates, mobile payments, and a new display panel, among other when Apple announced its new OS, iOS 11, at WWDC opening 2017 keynote.

The new capability was spotted by developers, that will make signing friends onto your WiFi network a quick, painless process, similar to the AirPod’s seamless pairing experience for those who have Apple’s wonderful and truly wireless audio accessory – makes it eerily simple for a network owner to invite another device to use that network without having to search around for the Wi-Fi information on the back of the router or an hotspot, or on the card provided when the network was installed at the location.

To use iOS 11’s new Wi-Fi sharing feature, on another iOS 11 device’s Settings > Wi-Fi screen is brought nearby to an iOS 11 iPad device already connected to that network, a new pop-up card is displayed saying that the iPad is attempting to gain access, set for your permission. After a short delay, the iPhone password field will be populated on the iPhone and it will be instantly connected to the network.

A single tap on the already connected device will instantly send a necessary password over-the-air to the second device (which is iPad or iPhone) and fill in the necessary fields. That instantly removes the need to share a password in plain text with others, or even go through the process of having a field out exactly what the password is.

This new workflow means you don’t have to go find the WiFi password on the back anymore. Just tell the guests to simply tap on the network name and accept them with a tap on your personal device. But the only requirement is that the iPad/iPhone that knows the password must be nearby and unlocked. Once you’ve OK’d the transfer, the password field on the “foreign” device will be filled and automatically granted access to the WiFi network.

The new feature is definitely be a lifesaver for anyone with convoluted Wi-Fi passwords and frequent data-conscious houseguests. And the iOS 11’s new Wi-Fi sharing capabilities are just one of many hidden secret features coming to the new OS, which includes tailored memory options and the ability to automatically delete unused apps, and find iOS 11 compatible apps as it no longer support 32-bit apps.

Given the fact that the credentials are actually being sent over the air to the other device, it’s likely that they are still stored in the iCloud Keychain, and the WiFi password will still be accessible if that person knows where to look.

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