How To Use PUBG Mobile 3D Touch Controls On iPhone

We have finally, the PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 updated for iOS, right at the bottom of the release notes was one unassuming line item that few will have noticed yet has the potential to be one of the biggest changes of them all.

That same line simply says “Added 3D Touch firing options to iOS” and it’s great.

However, the update to add PUBG 3D touch controls with version 0.4.0 for iOS exactly doesn’t explain much about the feature or what it actually entails to activate it. But those who have had a chance to give the feature a try are giving PUBG Mobile 3D touch rave reviews.

While unless for those playing on an iPad or an iPhone that does not support 3D Touch, this change has the potential to alter how some people play the game.

Once enabled players can fire their weapon by simply pushing a little harder on their iPhone’s display. Just as they would when using 3D Touch to open menus or take advantage of the peek and pop feature of Photos and other apps. This is unique feature that adds some functionality to an app that many feel is a little more difficult to control than the standard game on PC or Xbox One. Although the download of PUBG Mobile has never been short of crazy, the addition of PUBG 3D touch controls certainly makes the game a little easier to access for those new to shooters on mobile – potentially increasing downloads and player retention as the game because easier to access and control for iOS users.

By default, the said feature to use 3D Touch is disabled, but if you’re using PUBG Mobile version 0.4.0 or newer, here’s how you turn it on.

  • Open PUBG Mobile and head to Settings > Controls.
  • Change the control layout to Layout 2.
  • Turn on 3D Touch at the bottom of the menu.
  • You may wish to change the sensitivity to 200% depending on preference. Give it a try and see how you get on.

To use 3D Touch, you’ll have to simply push on the display with the same finger or thumb that you use to aim. Hold if you’re using an automatic weapon.

The actual setting that is best for you is a personal decision but after few games and some trial and error you should arrive at a setup for PUBG 3D touch controls that gets the job done. Also, makes coming out on top in the mobile Battle Royale arena that much easier.

When you find the PUBG 3D touch controls aren’t enabled after following the process, there’s another possibility you have 3D touch disabled on the iPhone itself. You will need to have 3D Touch activated via the iPhone’s Settings app, hidden under General > Accessibility > 3D Touch for this to work, but we’re sure you already have that activated anyway. If not, why not? You’ll be missing out on all the magic options that would otherwise be AWOL without 3D Touch enabled, and nobody wants that, do they?

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