Huawei Introduces Honor Band Zero Smartwatch And Whistle Bluetooth Headset

Just after unveiling Honor 7 smartphone, Huawei unleashes its all-new Honor Brand Zero wrist-wearable alongside a Bluetooth headset called Honor Wistle. Design and durability of both the gadgets can be checked right after this jump.

Smartwatch by Huawei is designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, which the wearable features a circular touch display with brushed metal bezel running around it and bring IP68 certification of dust/water resistance. Without any physical button onboard, the Band Zero smartwatch is up to compete with the already revealed circular wearables in the market, such as Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. Band Zero is also introduced to show off message notification and display incoming calls. Comes with pedometer and sleep tracker, which although the smartwatch has a textured rubber strap and will be available in Black, Beige, White color belt options. The Band Zero will launch in China in August and Huawei remains secretive about the OS running on it and its retail price.

Now that Huawei’s Honor Whistle Bluetooth headset is also revealed at the stage which packs a brushed metal look and a circular button on its back portion. The minimalist Band Zero, featuring a prominent button with a glowing power indicator.

Currently, the company hoping to make a bigger push for the U.S. market soon with the Huawei Watch, which has reportedly been delayed. It doesn’t seem like that’ll change with the Band Zero or Honor Whistle, which the Huawei’s tweet heavily imply they’re staying in China. Price and the expected availability of the Honor Whistle. is stil unknown at the far moment. Stay tuned!

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