iMac Pro To Feature A10 Fusion Coprocessor for Always-On ‘Hey, Siri’ Support, More Secure Booting

Announced it back at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference, the Apple’s iMac Pro is a top-of-the-line iMac with Xeon processors, Radeon Pro Vega graphics with 8GB of HBM2 memory and more. Since then, however, there haven’t been many updates on that products. Now again, Developers Steven Troughton-Smith, Jonathan Levin, and Guilherme Rambo have been at it. This time digging into the internals of Apple’s BridgeOS 2.0 and macOS code to expose information pertaining to Apple’s upcoming iMac Pro desktop.

Although the HomePod may be delayed, we still have the launch of the iMac Pro to look forward to before the end of the year. According to Smith, Apple’s next-generation iMac will be the first thing to ship with an A-series processor thanks to the inclusion of the A10 Fusion Chip with 512MB RAM.

Based on the leaked code, which has been compiled and explained by Jonathan Levin, the A10 Fusion chipset will enable two interesting new features. The first kind is the ability for the iMac Pro to feature always-on “Hey, Siri” voice command support, similar to what’s currently available on more recent iPhone devices. The news report seems all but confirmed: Rambo has posted a video of the feature working on a Mac.

Developer Guilherme Rambo was also quick to get onboard to confirm the theories on the “Hey, Siri” functionality. As well shared a video animation of the whole setup process in action along with a tweet saying “Confirmed: ‘Hey, Siri’” is coming to the Mac. He has presumably been able to locate and pull this info and animation directly from the firmware file.

And the full specification and internal set-up of the iMac Pro can’t be ascertained from the information contained within the newly named BridgeOS 2.0. Nevertheless, developer Sith has speculated that the addition of the A10 Fusion Chip could usher in the introduction of always-on “Hey, Siri” function. It also means that iMac Pro owners could theoretically be able to activate and action Siri through a simple command even when the new iMac Pro is turned off.

It has also been suggested that unlike the T1, which powers Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, the A10 in iMac Pro “might always be running, even when macOS is shut down.”

Rambo also shared a boot chime sound that has been pulled from the BridgeOS firmware file, further adding fuel to the fire that Apple’s new iMac Pro will come with additional power and functionality powered by the new A10 chip.

Predictions and speculations are many about the new iMac Pro. The potential for Apple to move across to an ARM-based coprocessor type system on Macs. It’s been said in the past that Apple’s new iMac Pro will ship with a Secure Enclave, similar to Apple’s iPhone and iPad hardware.

The original iMac Pro is set to be pushed into the marketplace next month. With prices starting at an eye-watering $4999 and the best.

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