Instagram’s Mobile Website Now Supports Photo Uploads

Instagram users here’s a good news as you no longer require the app to upload photos. The company is now rolling out the ability to upload photos through its newly launched mobile website. You can’t upload videos, add filters, upload to Stories, or even send a direct message. Everything you need to know about the new Instagram’s mobile website offerings are right here.

Instagram Mobile Web

Granted, if you’re on a mobile device and using Instagram, chances are you have the application and are more likely to be accepting this for all your Instagram pictures, but that doesn’t actually mean users wont run into situations where it would be more convenient to just upload a pic from the mobile version of the website instead. There are millions of smartphone users with smaller amounts of internal storage where it might really be easier to upload from a mobile browser as opposed to downloading the Instagram app and taking up space on their device.

Instagram’s mobile website previously only let users view their notifications and feed, but now its mobile site looks nearly identical to its actual app. Photo editing in general is limited – you can only rotate them or toggle between the square or wide crop – but again, you could conceivably build a profile from the website. The option to go to Instagram’s website from mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers is now available for users those may either need it or want it.

A considered version of the Explore page is also been made available on the mobile site of Instagram, which the photo & story sharing company been testing this functionality since March. The company isn’t redesigning or modifying the desktop version of, though, so photo uploading will only work on phones and tablets for now.

It’s simple now to use the upload feature from the mobile version of the service as the upload button resides in the same exact spot as it was in the application earlier. So there won’t be any confusion to those users who upload pics from within Instagram as opposed to sharing the photos with Instagram from the gallery. While the upload feature does use a different icon in the app, representing by a ‘+’ icon, whereas the mobile website has a camera icon, too.

The photo sharing service has been making changes for quite some time now in order to improve the service for its users with features like an offline mode which is currently under testing via the Android app version, and Instagram recently added a new Collections feature that is somewhat similar to Pinterest.

Final word, whether you choose to interact with Instagram’s mobile browser or through the app itself depends on your choice, and should not have any trouble uploading your best pictures to share with the world. With this built-out mobile web experience, is the company’s attempt to make the platform more accessible. The more viewing options, the better We say!

According to TechCrunch.

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