Instagram To Get Native Portrait Mode-Like Camera Assistant

There’s a cold war between Instagram and Snapchat which shows no signs of slowing down its battle, but it appears that the former is getting ready to include a new shutter mode beyond existing options such as Boomerang and Superzoom.

One user has noticed a new icon hidden within the Instagram APK for Android that looks like a new portrait mode, although no such feature has yet been revealed or made available by FaceBook.

According to that user, named Ishan Agarwal – the icon, hidden within the APK for Instagram’s Android app, appears to be an icon for an unannounced Portrait shutter to be used in the Stories camera. It’s everything to be believed, then – a new shutter option – the potential is that users could be allowed to take stylized portraits, complete with fake bokeh effect or even other lighting effects that would be added to the image later on.

If you imagine existing portrait options from the likes of Apple is anything to do, it does not take a lot of imagination to guess where Instagram may be going from here.

Instagram itself declined to comment on when TechCrunch spoke to Instagram after Agarwal brought his findings to its attention. However, as the publication notes, this was the same response it received once Giphy support on Instagram was spotted in January – a week later, the feature was made visible to the public.

Although there’s no guarantee that a new Portrait feature is in the works, it does mean that we cannot take Instagram’s silence as any indication to be available either way.

It continues to go toe-to-toe with Snapchat in an ongoing perspective to gain users. With Snapchat having going through a recent poorly received app refresh, all eyes are on FaceBook owned Instagram to see if it can take advantage of Snapchat’s misstep. Stay tuned for more updates!

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