Developer Of Installer 5 Beta Detailed, Download File Will Be Made Available To Testers This Week

AppTapp, the development team of an updated Cydia alternative Installer 5 has now announced that the first beta of the product will be in the hands of testers (who signed up earlier) this week.

As a quick recap, a team of designers and developers – now branded as AppTapp – decided to recurrent the old Installer project and build something that could sit alongside Cydia jailbreak app stores another installing option for those lucky individuals who happen to be jailbroken on a device running iOS 8 through iOS 11.

This time again, once again reiterated in this latest announcement post, Installer 5 isn’t exactly intended to be a full direct replacement for Cydia, but more of an alternative for those who don’t appreciate the monopoly that Cydia holds as far as jailbroken devices are concerned and the power that Jay Freeman weilds over it.

Now, taking on from 2017 after five months of development, which has included multiple design iterations and roadmap changes, the team behind it has finally announced that Installer 5 will be pushed into the hands of accepted beta testers sometime “this week”.

So that the announcement post also includes an extremely detailed and comprehensive question and answer session which covers a lot of the frequently asked ones relating to Installer 5 features, whether or not Cydia and Installer 5 will work together, whether or not users will be able to install additional sources directly in Installer 5 as they currently can with Cydia.

When you actually watch the accompanying videos of Installer 5 in action as well as take the time to read through the highly detailed answers to the questions and browse through the screenshots, you will immediately notice, get the sense that the platform is going to be extremely well-received by developers and jailbroken device owners alike.

Let’s only hope things are different where Installer 5 is concerned and that both package managers can co-exist harmoniously to give the most freedom to jailbroken device owners.

For that reason! You can check out the complete FAQ, including additional information on Installer 5 in the image below:

Also, here’s a video showing Installer 5 installing a package and removing it.

Stay tuned:

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