Installer 5 Beta Download For iOS 11 / 10 Coming Soon

It has been tipped that the so-called Installer 5.0 beta project will be released in the coming days. Announced that the “working UI prototype” beta is intended to give those who are interested in the Cydia alternative app an opportunity to test out the user-experience of the new application in order to comment and provide feedback.

Installer 5 is one of those projects which has reportedly managed to split opinion in the jailbreak community. But some individuals believe it can step into the footprints of Cydia due to the fact that Cydia hasn’t been put together an update for a long long while. However, there are also issues that most of the important tweaks and packages need Substrate to be installed and working safely on the device. The same still yet to be updated with iOS 11 compatibility and it seems highly unlikely that the Installer 5 team will have an alternative to this.

Though there’s no sense whatsoever is attempting to bash progress and to spoil the hard work put in place by others in order to try and better the experience received by the community. The initial release of the Installer 5 prototype is likely to be the first real step in the app’s release ahead of a more functional version being pushed out.

It’s apparent that the original intention here is to try and capture feedback from the community about the overall aesthetic and functionality of the app and to try and see if any improvements can be made prior to a fully working version being released. The announcement from Dennis Bednarz, also confirms that Installer 5 is being developed in separate parts:

The UI and the actual black magic code in #installer5 are developed separately for now so developers can optimize their time and so designers can do the same. We will have a working UI “prototype“ in the coming days where people will be able to install a dummy app to test the UX

The statement, however, did not contain any real solid information when the prototype version of the tool will actually be released but the suggestion of the “coming days” would lead us to believe that we should definitely expect a version availability during next week, if not before. As always, stay tuned for more details on when? As soon as it’s available to the public, we’ll let you know through an update.

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