Installer 5 Beta Download Registrations Now Open, Sign Up Now For Cydia Alternative

You can now sign up for Cydia alternative – the Installer 5 beta, as the fifth, and latest, edition of excellent Installer app is now open to all. The availability of Installer 5 beta sign up means that the developers are now accepting requests from the public in order to test out the app.

And yes, this is a good news for jailbreak fans, knowing that the app itself isn’t available for download yet, but it open to sign-ups now, which once selected, will let you download the beta for testing purposes in near future.

This would be the thing for the jailbreak community to get excited about over the last few weeks and months. The release of an exploit by Google’s Ian Beer has resulted in a plethora of jailbreak activity, with multiple jailbreak tools being released into the public domain which utilizes that exploit. That prompted this team to bring the latest Installer release out of the woodwork and confirm that they were working on bringing the odd community favorite back to life in an attempt to try and fill a void left by Cydia.

With an announcement, today from the team confirmed that the beta signups were opening soon, and now, thanks to the work of all involved, it’s actually here and accepting requests. Now, it follows on from the team also announcing a package upload tool for developers and theme creators to bundle together their offers and submit them to Installer team to be offered for download when the app actually goes live.

There’s a lot of this content will be available to view and access through this initial beta release. Check out the information below to get access to the sign-up link for registration.

To get registered, simply head on over to and follow the process stipulated by the team. It’s is very much recommended acting quickly and doing this right now as beta testing positions are limited.

And if you actually miss the beta registration and places are full, then worry not as we’re sure an actual full and final release of Installer 5 won’t be far away.

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