Cydia Alternative Installer 5 Update: Packaging Tool For Tweaks Coming Out

Here’s what we see is the development team behind the Cydia alternative “Installer” package provide yet another timely update about the revamp project.

Cristian Tabuyo has taken to social media to let his followers know that the team is primed to release what they are calling the “Installer Packaging Tool“, which will let developers and experienced creators, package their software together ready to be offered through Installer 5.

Installer 5 has already been teased multiple times over the last few weeks. With the team published some UI examples of how the app will look and feel. Given the fact that there are multiple jailbreaks available out there, and the community is still being kept relatively in the dark about how iOS 11 Cydia compatibility is processing. Though there seems to be a sense of excitement around what Installer 5 Cydia alternative will bring to the table. Even if it is just a front-end replacement or substitute for Cydia. This latest tweet has raised excitement levels once more, suggesting that a reveal is closer than we imagined:

In the following days we will be publishing, “Installer Packaging Tool” a multiplatform tool that will allow developers to start packaging their tweaks/ipas/themes… for #Installer5 and upload them to our servers, along with tons of information. #StayTunned

However, it’s worth mentioning that Tabuyo isn’t informing that Installer 5 itself will be revealed in the next few days, instead, this is a tool aimed at developers which will work with multiple platforms to allow them to package their tweaks and apps together to upload and submit to the Installer 5 team and platform.

Apparently, it’s job is to put all submissions into the right format and to be hosted, listed on the presumably underlying repositories in Installer 5 to allow jailbroken users to easily download and install when the Installer package is made available, pretty soon.

That’s great, but there was no mention of anything to do with Substrate and whether or not Installer 5 will be limited in the packages that it can actually install to a jailbroken device with no Mobile Substrate update being offered by saurik as yet. No information on whether or not the team is building its own alternative but there doesn’t appear to be an answer to the questions just yet.

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